VCSU works with the city and county to minimize the risks of damage from floods. In addition, VCSU students, faculty, and staff may assist in sandbagging and other flood efforts. VCSU officials will communicate flood information to the campus. In addition, the campus community can listen for alerts and other information via local radio and television stations. Each flood is unique. Floods often change rapidly therefore, preparation and response plans may suddenly change. VCSU will do the following in the event of a flood:

  • Protect the individuals from harm during the event.
  • Provide accurate information to the campus in a timely manner.
  • Secure main utility areas such as the power house, steam man holes, networking, and telephone areas.
  • Provide additional security to the campus and monitor traffic.
  • Move vulnerable equipment, offices, and classrooms to a safe area.
  • Protect housing areas.
  • Ensure an evacuation route is open and available.

**Campus administrators will determine continuity of operations based on the flooding circumstances.**

Office Information

VCSU Safety Office:

Safety Coordinator | Risk Management Contact
Jessica Frerich

Other Contacts:

Vice President for Student Affairs

Campus Nurse
Pat Egeberg

Power House
(after hours safety)