The Campus Assistance Team is an administrative group formed to promote awareness and responsiveness across campus to avoid or address situations that may involve violence, threats, intimidation, or property damage. The team may assist the Valley City Police Department and departments to assess situations involving the potential for violence.

Resources and Preparedness

Valley City State University, as part of its annual communication on safety, will inform individuals of this policy and its related procedures and resources.


Confidentiality of complaints and parties will be preserved to the greatest extent possible, understanding that the university may have an obligation to take some action even if the complainant is reluctant to proceed. Parties and witnesses to a complaint are also expected to maintain confidentiality of the matter, understanding that they will often not have all the facts and that they could impair the investigation by divulging information to persons outside of the investigatory process.

Non-Retaliation and False Claims

The university prohibits retaliation against persons who in good faith report violations of this policy or cooperate in an investigation. The university also prohibits the filing of knowingly false or misleading reports and providing knowingly false or misleading information in an investigation. Discipline or other action can result from either of these acts in violation of this policy.

Office Information

VCSU Safety Office:

Safety Coordinator | Risk Management Contact
Jessica Frerich

Other Contacts:

Vice President for Student Affairs

Campus Nurse
Pat Egeberg

Power House
(after hours safety)