The safety and security of the Valley City State University campus and community are very important. Our students, employees, and visitors should be able to pursue their education, work, and other activities in a safe, non-threatening environment. Unfortunately, violence can occur. To educate and empower all members of the university community, resources and procedures are in place to prevent, deter, and respond to concerns regarding acts of violence. Valley City State University also offers workshops to assist departments and individuals in detecting indicators for concern and resources to protect themselves and their environments. Safety is everyone's responsibility.

Policy Statement

Violence not tolerated. Violence, threats or implied threats of violence, and intimidation (verbal or physical acts intended to frighten or coerce) impede the goal of providing a safe environment and will not be tolerated. All students, employees, and visitors are covered by this policy as well as the policies referenced below. This policy applies to conduct on 'campus,' which by definition is not limited to central campus but includes all property owned or used by the university.


Firearms, bow/arrows, hunting knives, ammunition, explosives and other dangerous weapons are not permitted within university owned or operated buildings and on all campus property and grounds including residence halls and student apartments. Included in the North Dakota Century Code definition of dangerous weapons are martial arts weapons and a number of other weapons are martial arts weapons and a number of other weapons capable of expelling a projectile. Pellet guns, BB guns, paint ball guns and other similar short sports supplies are prohibited. Students are permitted to carry pepper spray.


The university will pursue disciplinary, student judicial, civil or criminal action as appropriate under the circumstances against any person who violates this policy by engaging in such violence, threats of violence, or intimidation.


Students, employees, and visitors should address emergencies by calling 911 (9-911), whether they are on central campus or on other university property.

For all other non-emergency concerns of violence, the students, employees, and visitors should notify the Vice President of Student Affairs at 701-845-7201 or 3-7201.
It is important that the Valley City Police Department is made aware of concerns of violence even if they occur on property outside of the campus.

The university has adopted procedures for responding to and addressing conduct that violates this policy and urges all students, employees and visitors to be alert to the possibility of violence on campus. As part of the university community, all students, employees, and visitors are responsible for reporting violence they experience or witness.

Office Information

VCSU Safety Office:

Safety Coordinator | Risk Management Contact
Jessica Frerich

Other Contacts:

Vice President for Student Affairs

Campus Nurse
Pat Egeberg

Power House
(after hours safety)