Programs Available

  • Elementary Education
  • English Education
  • History Education

Why Study with VCSU?

  • Quality: VCSU was founded as a "Teacher's College" in 1890 and has been recognized by NCATE for exemplary practice since 1954. Our graduates are recognized as great teachers where ever they go.
  • Efficiency: Earn your Bachelor's degree as quickly as possible by taking full advantage of the coursework you have already completed.
  • Affordability: VCSU students in Wyoming pay the same low tuition as our students in North Dakota.
  • Convenience: Earn an Associate's degree and a Bachelor's degree from a single location.
  • Additional Opportunities: Pursue special interests or further improve your marketability by earning VCSU's credential in reading or endorsements in teaching English Language Learners, middle school, and kindergarten.

Delivery Methods

  • Existing Home Campus Courses: These courses are a part of your home campus curriculum and are accepted as meeting some of the major requirements for VCSU's degree program.
  • Online: In these courses, students complete all coursework via the Internet. This includes interacting with each other and their instructor, completing coursework, turning in assignments, and taking examinations. Coursework can generally be completed at times convenient to the student (within the timeline of the course) from whenever an Internet connection is available.
  • Summer Workshops: A VCSU Instructor travels to a Wyoming campus to deliver the same course that is delivered on our campus but in a compressed timeframe. It is delivered to other Wyoming campuses via Wyoming Equality Network (WEN). Contact us for more information.