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Student Assessment Link Resources

The School of Education & Graduate Studies has made a commitment to build, support and maintain its own Central Assessment System. Candidates and unit faculty have “24/7” portal access to data relevant to a candidate’s status in the program.

Faculty User Help Documents

Through the Assessment System database, VCSU advisors are able to see:
  • List of advisees to search for their Candidate summary
  • Dispositions of their candidate
  • Field experience data
  • PPST or Core test scores as well as PRAXIS II scores
  • These fields are all “Read only” for the advisor

Student User Help Documents

Through the Assessment System Database, the VCSU Education Majors are able to see their:
  • Candidate summary in a “read only” format
  • Contact and demographic information from Connect ND
  • Disposition summary sheet
  • Access to assessment surveys as authorized
Undergraduate Student Help Documents
Graduate Student Help Documents