Constitution Day--2013

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In tandem with VCAB (Vikings Campus Activities Board), the Phi Alpha Theta History Club commemorated Constitution Day on September 17, 2013 with cake in the Student Center hallway. (Our own Dr. King even dressed as founding father George Washington!) The two organizations celebrated the 226th anniversary of the signing of the U.S. Constitution by serving cake for students and holding a quiz competition. Students were asked to answer questions pertaining to the U.S. Constitution, and successful participants were entered into a drawing for a VCSU Bookstore gift certificate. Among 32 finalists, VCSU student Jonah Rosin was the winner of the drawing.

We thank everyone for trying out our quiz or taking a piece of cake!

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2013 Dakota History Conference

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Two Phi Alpha Theta History Club members, Dustin Slaamod and Allison Veselka, traveled to Sioux Falls, SD to attend the 2013 Dakota History Conference. The Dakota History Conference is an annual event in which scholars and students examine historical matters pertaining to the northern plains. Slaamod and Veselka presented papers they authored from their Native American Studies course through Prof. Dutton. Slaamod presented on the topic of the acculturation between Native Americans and the French, while Veselka discussed the Dakota Wars. Dr. King and Prof. Dutton also attended, and they visited the falls while there.

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National Phi Alpha Theta Induction Ceremony - Spring 2013

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On March 20th, 2013, 4 members of the VCSU Psi Beta chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta history club were inducted as members of National Phi Alpha Theta. Sarah Silvernail (Lisbon, N.D.), Dustin Slaamod (Park River, N.D.), Allison Veselka (Tower City, N.D.), and Scott Westby (Sheyenne, N.D.) were all inducted after achieving a cumulative 3.0 GPA in college courses and a 3.1 GPA in at least 12 history credits.

The ceremony, held at the President's House Guest Inn on campus, included a dinner prepared by history professors Dr. Steven King and Prof. Anthony Dutton. A short reading and induction process followed.

Each of the four inductees are history or social science education majors, and three (Slaamod--V.P., Veselka--secretary/treasurer, and Westby--President) are officers of the Psi Beta chapter. The four members have now attained a lifetime membership into the national honor society. Congrats to all inducted!

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Presidential Trivia

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On February 20th the VCSU Phi Alpha Theta History Club observed Presidents Day with Presidential Trivia.

The club held a trivia contest for VCSU students on topics of U.S. presidents, VCSU presidents, and general North Dakota history (co-aligning with Dr. King's North Dakota History (HIST 220) class). Students who answered enough questions correctly were placed in a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to use at the VCSU bookstore.

Around 60 students participated in the contest with 21 finalists for the drawing. The winning student was Ray Mering, a VCSU history major. Along with this activity the History Club also decorated a display case in the Student Center hallway with U.S. president memorabilia provided by the Barnes County State Historical Society. We thank them for their materials, as well as everyone for playing along and celebrating Presidents Day with us.

Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site Tour

On January 31st, 2013, 10 history students, Dr. King, and Prof. Dutton took a tour of the Ronald Reagan Minuteman Missile Site near Cooperstown, ND.

The Oscar Zero facility included a tour of the bunks, living quarters, and alert stations used during the Cold War. Oscar Zero is the last remnant of the 321st Missile Wing series of launch sites and since 2007 has been preserved by the State Historical Society of North Dakota for tours.

The students found the tour very interesting and saw it as an honest view of the security and defense measures taken by the U.S. during the Cold War. It made for an appropriate field experience for Prof. Dutton's class, Russia and Her Neighbors (HIST/GEOG 365).

We thank the Oscar Zero facility for allowing us to set up this special tour. For more information on the site, follow this link:

To see more photos of the tour, visit the VCSU History Facebook page.

Missile Silo 4
Missile Silo 1
Missile Silo 2
Missile Silo 3
Missile Silo 5
Missile Silo 6

Phi Alpha Theta Induction - Spring 2010

The VCSU chapter of Phi Alpha Theta had the honor of inducting two new members into the national honor society on April 22nd, 2010. The inductees were Zachary Cerklefskie and Stephanie Kuehn. This is the first time that the Psi Beta Chapter has had two inductions in one academic year. Congratulations to the newest members!

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Volunteering at Barnes County Historical Society

On April 8th, the VCSU History Club spent the evening volunteering at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum. This is a yearly event in which the group dedicates time to completing odd jobs at the museum.

This year, members painted some areas of the museum that needed attention.

Phi Alpha Theta Induction - Fall 2009

On December 2, 2009 the VCSU chapter of Phi Alpha Theta had the honor of inducting three new members into this national honor society. The inductees were Timothy Eppen, Shannon Leppert and Trudi Schmidt. Congratulations to our newest members!

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Veteran's Day Speaker

Harold F. Bruschwein served in the Army from 1939-1944 and was in Honolulu on December 7th. He was the commander of Company A in the 27th infantry. Their primary duty was to protect the Navy and search for saboteurs. Harold also served in Guadalcanal in 1943-44.

Bruschwein was kind enough to speak about his experiences at Vangstad Auditorium on November 9th. It was a very educational and interesting lecture and we're grateful to him for accepting our invitation.

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