Psi Beta Constitution

We, the members of the Phi Alpha Beta, chapter Psi Beta, in an attempt to encourage the study and examination of history, do ordain and establish the constitution for the government of our society.

Article I
Section 1 Name
The name of this organization shall be in accordance with the national organization, Phi Alpha Theta. With Valley City State University chapter, Psi Beta.
Section 2 Motto
The motto of Valley City State, Phi Alpha Theta, Psi Beta, shall be "Seek truth through knowledge based decision making."
Section 3 Colors and Emblem
The colors of Phi Alpha Theta shall be the same as the national organization, thus being madonna red and madonna blue. The Valley City State University chapter emblem recognized as the national organization of Phi Alpha Theta and only those members in good standing may use official emblems and insignia.

Article II- Members
Section I Eligibility
Any member who shall accept the purpose of Phi Alpha Beta and subscribes to its creed, as well as, have met all requirements set forth in the by-laws of the society shall be eligible for membership into the society.
Section II Classification of Membership
Membership shall consist of the following classes of Membership:
Active members shall be those students who have taken courses in the field of History or History Education at and are enrolled in, Valley City State University. Active members shall pay dues as established by Phi Alpha Beta and may participate in national, regional and local events in accordance to the guidelines of the national Phi Alpha Beta society
Professional members shall be those persons associated with or participating in the professional development of Phi Alpha Beta as approved by the chapter. Such members shall include local, state, and national historians, teachers, and individuals doing research to advance the development of history. This membership also includes any person contributing to the growth and development of Phi Alpha Theta. Professional members shall be allowed to vote, but are not allowed to hold office.
Honorary Life members shall be those individuals selected by a majority vote of Valley State University, Phi Alpha Theta. They shall consist of individuals who are assisting the advancement of History and/or History Education who are rendering outstanding service to the Valley City State chapter. Honorary Life members shall not be allowed to vote or hold office.

Article III Dues and Finance
Section I Dues
the membership dues of Phi Alpha Theta shall be those set down by the national organization and shall be paid to the National organization of Phi Alpha Theta. Local dues may be assessed upon amendment to this constitution.
Section II Fiscal Year
The fiscal year for Phi Alpha Theta shall start July 1 and end June 30.
Section III Audit of the Books
An audit shall be made annually by the incoming Secretary-Treasurer, which shall be reported at an annual meeting.

Article IV Officers and Elections
Section I Officers
Officers of the Psi Beta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta shall be as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary-treasurer, and Historian. Officers shall be elected at an annual meeting and shall hold office for a term of one year or until their successors are elected. Elected officers shall assume their duties at the close of the meeting at which they are elected.
Section II Advisor
The Psi Beta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta shall have an advisor who shall be a faculty member from the History/Social Science department. This faculty advisor shall shall be with accordance to the national Phi Alpha Theta Constitution, Article IV, Section 4.

Article V Duties of Officers
Section I
The President shall (a) preside over all meetings of the Psi Beta chapter, (b) promote the growth and development of Phi Alpha Theta and, (c) perform such other duties as usually pertaining to this office.
Section II
The Vice-President shall (a) preside in absence of the President (b) and assist the President
Section III
The Secretary-Tresurer shall (a) act as custodian of the funds of the organization and give financial reports, (b) keep accurate record of the Psi Beta chapter of Phi Alpha Theta meetings (c) and submit the required reports and membership list to both the national organization and the necessary offices at Valley City State University. The elected office list shall be sent to the national organization as established in Article IV, Section 4, of the National Constitution of Phi Alpha Theta.
Section IV
The Historian shall (a) maintain records of the Valley City State, Phi Alpha Theta society, including an annual report of its activities, awards, and publicity.

Article VI Meetings
Section I Dates
There must be at least two regular meetings per semester during the school year. An annual meeting shall be scheduled for the month of April for the purpose of election of officers, receiving reports from officers and for any business which may arise. Other meetings may be deemed necessary by the president with the approval of one other officer.

Article VII Amendments
Section I Amendments
Amendments to the by-laws shall be submitted in writing at the regular meeting and shall voted on until the following regular meeting. A two-thirds vote of the members present shall be required for adoption.

Office Information

Dr. Steven King
Ph: 701.845.7108