EBC Fraternity History

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The EBC Fraternity was founded in 1902 as a literary and debate society. The purpose was to promote general culture, happiness, and enlightenment of each member. There were 15 members in 1902 and these men took part in the extensive study of debatable questions.

For a number of years the society continued its work, gradually broadening activities to include every phase of campus life. In the fall, little progress was made, since there were seldom enough men in school to elect officers. Most of the men were working on farms during this season or teaching.

By 1912 the group had increased its alumni and college membership to such an extent that it was suggested the group organize a chapter of a National Greek Fraternity. However, this suggestion was acted upon unfavorably, and the group decided to continue as a local organization. Five years later when war was declared, virtually the entire membership joined the army.

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With great ceremony, the books of the fraternity were turned over to the Clionians for safe keeping.

During the 1920's and 1930's music became a prominent part in the life of the society. The EBCs were very active in music, singing on WDAY radio, Fargo. In 1938, as a result of a total effort on the part of EBC members, alumni, and friends, the society held their first annual EBC Hit Parade. From the very beginning, the Hit Parade captured the hearts of the entire audience. The show proved to be a fun filled evening of music, commercials, and surprises. The Hit Parade has been sponsored by Dubble Bubble Enterprises. In fact, the script of the first annual Hit Parade in 1938 referred to Dubble Bubble soap as the "soap of beautiful coeds." According to the script, Dubble Bubble's special soap featured rich, creamy lather with "no dip, no slip, no flip" performance.

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Over the years the Hit Parade has expanded in length and variety. The show has become one of the area's top musical productions attracting approximately 1500 people each year up until recently.

EBC Crest


Harrison Hammel
Vice President
Dillon Praus
On Campus Advisor
Richard Israel