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North Dakota Student Association

NDSA - or North Dakota Student Association - is a gathering of all North Dakota Public College Student Senates. NDSA is a statewide association that regulates and represents all 11 of the state-wide higher education institutions across the state, and advocates for over 48,000 North Dakota students.

There are three committees within NDSA in which students can take part in: the Internal Affairs Committee (IAC), the Student Affairs Committee (SAC), and the State Legislative Affairs Committee (SLAC). Together, these committees help maintain and solve topics and issues involving North Dakota students in order to help make our college system the best it can be.

Valley City State University attends all seven of these events each school year, held at various colleges and universities across the state. 

Want to learn more about NDSA?  Check out the  NDSA website for more information, or check their Facebook and Twitter page for news and updates.

There are eight planned NDSA events for the 2017-2018 school year.  The dates and locations are:

September 8th-9th - North Dakota State University
October 13th-14th - University of North Dakota
November 17th-18th - Mayville State University
December 8th - Skype Address
January 19th-20th - Bismarck State College
February 23rd- 24th - North Dakota State College of Science
March 23rd-24th - Valley City State University
April 13th-14th - Minot State University

You don't have to be on Student Senate to go to an NDSA event.  Interested?  Contact the  NDSA Representative for more information and find out how you can take part!

General Information

President: Angeline Gannon
Vice President: Megan Billadeau
Secretary: Emily Smith
Treasurer: Taylene Mediola
NDSA Head Delegate:Abby Bladow
Public Relations: Garret Fettig

Office Location: Student Senate Office, Student Center

Weekly Meeting: Monday at 6:30 p.m. in the Student Senate Room, VCSU Student Center

Office Hours: Available by appointment.

VCSU Student Senate
230 Viking Dr SW
Valley City, ND 58072