Viking Campus Activities Board

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Governor positions vary from Dance, Recreation, Social Issues, Publicity, Coffee House, and Late Night Activities. Each position typically consists of 2 to 3 students.

In order to bring amazing acts and talent to the VCSU campus, VCAB regularly sends student groups to the National Association for Campus Activities once a year. While at NACA, students are able to watch and experience showcases of amazing performers from all over the country and help decide which of these would be a hit on campus. Most performers are booked right then and there for the upcoming school year. We do our best to bring any activity to our campus that would be enjoyable and beneficial to our student body.


If you have any questions regarding VCAB you can email the current president Holly Zirnhelt or VCAB's advisor Kari Stricklin with your questions. In addition, Kari Stricklin can be contacted at (701) 845-7120.

Office Information

Kari Stricklin
Phone: 701.845.7120

VCAB meets every Tuesday night at 9:10PM through both Fall and Spring semesters.