Online Master of Education

Library & Information Technologies Concentration

Complete Program Online

Hands online
All courses in the M.Ed./L.I.T program have been specifically designed for online instruction.

Our faculty members are all experienced and skilled at online instruction. All of the courses incorporate AASL Professional Standards, and are designed to be interactive and engaging for students.
Field Experience
Each course includes field experience tailored to the needs of online students.

Practical field experiences in each course are designed around course content and AASL Professional Standards. Field experiences are supervised by university instructors in cooperation with practicing Library Media Specialist mentors. Locations and venues for field experiences are designed to accommodate the needs of distant and online learners.
Teaching in and outside of class
Practicing Library Media Specialist mentors interact with students in and outside of class.

The M.Ed./L.I.T. program is more than a collection of courses. Informal interaction within and outside of courses connects our students with each other, with university faculty, and with practicing library media professionals.
List of Courses
List of Courses

Courses include both core professional Education courses and Library & Information Technology courses necessary for certification as a school library media specialist.