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VCSU Alumnus Mark Zinke

Mark Zinke

VCSU alumnus Mark Zinke ’16 spends his days teaching in the gym and coaching on the field. By night he is busy designing and selling gear to people who are proud to represent their North Dakota roots.

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VCSU student Liv Borchers

Liv Borchers

After I came to campus for a vocal music competition during my freshman year of high school, I told my mom I was going to attend VCSU because of how beautiful the campus was.

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Student Ethan Rasset

Ethan Rasset

I visited once to learn about the Fisheries and Wildlife program prior to enrolling. After meeting with the advising faculty, I was immediately sold. VCSU has the best Fisheries and Wildlife Science program in the state of North Dakota, primarily due to the outstanding work that our professors do on a daily basis.

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Student Kylie Tucker

Kylie Tucker

The small class sizes keep me accountable and help me to be an engaged learner so I can get as much out of my education experience as possible.

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VCSU graduate Grace Gonzalez

Grace Gonzalez

You can sit in a college course and learn everything there is to know about teaching, but nothing can truly prepare you better than first-hand experience in the classroom. I’ve enjoyed building relationships with my students and have become comfortable at the front of the classroom.

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