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VCSU alumna Edynn Glatt

Edynn Glatt

VCSU helped shape me into a strong and confident leader. At VCSU, I took up many leadership roles that helped me gain more confidence with those around me.

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VCSU alumna Dr. Jaycee George

Meet Dr. Jaycee George

People say college is the best time of your life. I know that I’m still young and have lots of life to live, but those really were the best days of my life — because of the friendships and relationships I made, I’ll think about VCSU forever.

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VCSU student Kyley Lauf

Kyley Lauf

I love watching friendships and bonds form throughout the day. It is the most rewarding part of the show. The endless smiles and laughter throughout the day really show the impact that the show is having on their lives and reminds you how much more alike we are than different.

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VCSU student Jacob Knapek

Jacob Knapek

My advice for students is to picture yourself here. Sitting in on a class, talking to professors, checking out the residence halls, and even eating lunch in the cafeteria are great ways to experience the campus as a prospective student. Experiencing what attending school here would actually feel like really helped me to know that VCSU is the place for me.

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VCSU 2021 graduate Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson

If you are considering VCSU as your potential school, take this as your sign to do it! VCSU is warm, welcoming, and everyone here tailors your experience for your utmost level of comfort. Come to Valley City – come HOME!

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