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Neeleigh Wollenzien

Neeleigh Wollenzien

“I knew it would not be an easy journey, but there are so many great faculty members in the science department who push me to be my best!”

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A headshot of Angeline Gannon

Meet Graduate Angeline Gannon

“Being at VCSU, you will develop strong relationships with your professors if you take the time to do it. There are people who genuinely care about you and want you to succeed.”

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Isabel Grueneich

Isabel Grueneich

“Don’t overload yourself with the pressure of playing a key role in five different clubs. Experiment with different clubs, attend when you want to, and feel free to change your mind.”

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Marcus Santos

Marcus Santos

“I started with an exercise science major at my junior college but once I transferred to VCSU, after getting my associate degree, I chose strength & conditioning because I wanted to work with athletes and put what I learned into practice, especially biomechanics and kinesiology.”

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shelby kriewald

Shelby Kriewald

“VCSU is a place where I’ve felt very embraced by each of my programs and faculty. The professors seem to genuinely care about propelling your career and giving you the opportunity for success in your field. It’s a supportive and intimate environment that I couldn’t imagine would be replicable at a larger institution.”

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Headshot of Chloe Anderson

Chloe Anderson

“I chose Human Services after realizing that not only did I want to help disabled individuals, but I wanted to help them in a bigger way than just their education. I wanted to help them in their everyday lives.”

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Hannah Gordon

Hannah Gordon

“I would tell a student looking to pursue a degree in MLS that it is a program that requires time and effort. It is also a program that will focus on many subjects like Hematology, Microbiology, Chemistry, etc. In the end, it is a challenging but rewarding profession with many job opportunities available.”

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Headshot of Alyssa Ames

Alyssa Ames

“With a History Education major, I would specialize in history and one other subject. The Social Science Education major provides a broader study of the social sciences and allows me as to teach more subjects and topics within Social Studies.”

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Keaton Kvilvang

Keaton Kvilvang

“Studying business here at VCSU provides a multitude of opportunities for future endeavors. The faculty and business department staff are always there to assist in any way that they can!”

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Tasha Piehl-Thomas

Tasha Piehl-Thomas

“My first visit on campus I remember meeting with various staff and advisors, and I could feel their encouragement as we sat down to look at what classes and extracurriculars were offered. The benefit of going to a smaller college, I knew I would get that one-on-one relationship with the faculty, and it really showed as time went on.”

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Headshot of Jacob

Jacob Knapek: the Plant Guy

“Everyone has to nerd out about something. For me, it’s plants. I’m fascinated by how they operate, their ecosystems, their niches. There are just little things about different species that are really cool.”

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Ryan Lorenz

Meet Dr. Ryan Lorenz

“My most fond memories from VCSU are of working in the research labs over the summer and through the school year. Dr. Delorme and Louis Wieland lead research labs and field studies through a number of different grant programs. This provided students, including myself, an introduction to scientific methods and research which was an asset in graduate school.”

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Hilde van Gijssel

Nothing is Impossible

“…but to me, it’s all about the students. If they have an interest, they can join the team. We have had freshmen to seniors involved in research. When a student comes to me with an idea, my usual reaction is “let’s figure this out so you can do it.”

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Connor Aanderud talking with classmates and professor

Connor Aanderud

“The CSSE department and VCSU career services really does a phenomenal job in helping a student who wants to be proactive in the career hunt and search so I already have a job, that I am currently working, before even graduating and receiving my degree. I give all the credit to my department and career services for helping me achieve this.”

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dalvin simmons portrait

Dalvin Simmons

“VCSU has prepared me for real-world situations. Moving from Arkansas to North Dakota has been an adjustment, but for the type of work I’m considering, being adaptable is important. Especially if I plan to coach on the collegiate level for a few years. It’s also shown me the importance of creating relationships with individuals and getting out of my comfort zone.”

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Lindsey Kiecker portrait

Lindsey Kiecker

“Let’s be honest, it’s hard to speak chemistry, and the ability to explain a subject you love and seeing the lightbulb *click* in the student’s minds is what drove me to get my Chemistry Education degree, as well as a Physics Minor, and STEM ED certificate.”

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Derek Bear

“I chose VCSU because it has the major that I want, and I am from Valley City, so it was a no brainer when the opportunity came about. I was also grateful I could keep my many jobs around town some of which include a mowing business and my high school tech job.”

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Larimore Art Teacher Jamie Worden

Dual Credit Instructor Jamie Worden, ’19

“We have a lot of students involved with art. I tell the students that regardless of the career they choose, they will need a creative side of it as well. My students are doing art shows and the work necessary for college credit. Earning college course credits helps them to reach for the stars.”

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gina burtness

Gina Burtness

“With the skills I have gained and the people I have been fortunate enough to meet at VCSU, I am optimistic for the future. As of now, I hope to meld my two career paths together to help in the development and creation of accounting software.”

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Joe Wright

Joe Wright

“Whenever I see someone wearing my socks or shirts, it is pretty surreal. Wright Foot didn’t exist three years ago. Now it has customers and fans all over the world. I really enjoy making people laugh and now I get to do that for a living. I am grateful for that every single day.”

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Kyle Vareberg speaking

Dr. Kyle Vareberg

“Learn. But actually, take the time to learn. College is an atmosphere where ideas and high-level thinking surround each student. It’s a crazy atmosphere. To future students, take advantage. The best thing about a small university is the increased emphasis on single-student success.”

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Michaela Halvorson

Michaela Halvorson

“The science department has the best professors in my opinion, by talking to my professors I took their recommendations and took a newly offered hydrology course for fun, and now look… I’m a hydrologist!”

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Bonita Roswick portrait

Bonita Roswick

“As an older than average student, I was worried that I would have difficulty transitioning back to being a student. However, with the small class sizes, I met some fantastic classmates who were always willing to lend me a hand.”

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Clara Wieland outdoor headshot

Clara Wieland

“When I toured campus myself, I instantly felt comfortable and knew this was the place for me. I loved how intentional everyone was when getting to know me and helping me envision myself as a student here.”

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Katie Juarez with cooperating teacher, Scott Roehrich

Katie Juarez

“I learned about different ways to challenge my students, but also learned about ways to modify activities for them to be able to gain confidence in their skills as well.”

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Professor Hilde, Charisma, and Professor Kelly LaFramboise at VCSU

Thriving Through Struggle: Reflections from 2022 Graduate Charismha Tsosie

“Graduating wouldn’t have been possible without them,” she said, of her peers, teachers, staff and all those apart of her journey. “I hope others understand now that, with a little bit of help, anything is possible.”

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Headshot of Macy Schlaht, with the Valley City Parks and Rec logo in the background.

Macy Schlaht

“My classes and internship are some of the biggest reasons I landed a full-time job just one month into my senior year of college.”

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Nicole Hurt working on art

Nicole Hurt

“Don’t let these things scare you or others put you down. Listen to what your heart wants to do and follow through because we are going to be working throughout the majority of our lives, so why not do something you love.”

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Headshot of woman (Erin Edinger)

Erin Edinger

My favorite part of my job is hands-down the students I get to work with. The change and growth students experience during their time in college is incredible to witness and be part of.

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Anne Volk

Anne Volk

I knew I wanted to be a teacher and it just turns out that some of the best teachers I had graduated from VCSU. The truth of the matter is: if you want to go into education in the state of North Dakota, your best choice is VCSU!

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Headshot of Kiara Radke, female VCSU student

Kiara Radke

It is a great campus that is welcoming to everyone, and the professors are all passionate about their work and ensuring that you get the best education possible.

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Darrien Cantelo Headshot

Darrien Cantelo

“Every minute I spent learning, every minute in labs, every minute in the AT room, every minute on the field, every interaction with professors, every interaction with student-athletes, every minute walking the VCSU campus—they all stand out to me.”

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William Egan student moments

Bill Egan

I knew that VCSU was a top institution for teacher education. I also really enjoyed working with the music faculty, and I felt like I could really grow and thrive as a musician here.

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Headshot of a man (Anthony Dutton)

Dr. Anthony Dutton

Every time that I drifted away from Valley City for a couple of years, I would just be drawn back. I have always just loved learning, and so it’s a real pleasure to be surrounded by other people who also are passionate about learning, teaching, and VCSU.

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Headshot of Saige Forseth

Saige Forseth

What I enjoy most about VCSU is the community-like involvement. I love the opportunities to get involved and know people! Everyone seems to be a part of something!

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Garret Fettig smiling

Garret Fettig

“I’d always enjoyed writing, reading, and editing for classes, and I figured I wouldn’t mind doing work with those skills in the professional world.”

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Emily Dafoe

Emily Dafoe

As the User Services Librarian at VCSU I have had the opportunity to connect with the students I serve and seeing their progress over their academic career is incredibly rewarding!

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Hannah Dockter portrait

Hannah Dockter

“When I first chose this major, it made sense because of my interests and hobbies. However, throughout my college experience, I’ve become excited about educating young students.”

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Kaitlyn Myrum portrait

Kaitlyn Myrum

“As I read more of the literature associated with both English and Spanish, my ability to write improves greatly. My short stories are more interesting, and my academic writing is well-developed.”

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Cassidy Hoyt portrait

Cassidy Hoyt

“Through majoring in English Education, I will have the opportunity to share my love for reading, grammar, and writing with the young minds of future generations.”

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VCSU alumna Edynn Glatt

Edynn Glatt

VCSU helped shape me into a strong and confident leader. At VCSU, I took up many leadership roles that helped me gain more confidence with those around me.

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VCSU alumna Dr. Jaycee George

Meet Dr. Jaycee George

People say college is the best time of your life. I know that I’m still young and have lots of life to live, but those really were the best days of my life — because of the friendships and relationships I made, I’ll think about VCSU forever.

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VCSU student Kyley Lauf

Kyley Lauf

I love watching friendships and bonds form throughout the day. It is the most rewarding part of the show. The endless smiles and laughter throughout the day really show the impact that the show is having on their lives and reminds you how much more alike we are than different.

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VCSU student Jacob Knapek

Jacob Knapek

My advice for students is to picture yourself here. Sitting in on a class, talking to professors, checking out the residence halls, and even eating lunch in the cafeteria are great ways to experience the campus as a prospective student. Experiencing what attending school here would actually feel like really helped me to know that VCSU is the place for me.

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VCSU 2021 graduate Hannah Anderson

Hannah Anderson

If you are considering VCSU as your potential school, take this as your sign to do it! VCSU is warm, welcoming, and everyone here tailors your experience for your utmost level of comfort. Come to Valley City – come HOME!

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Dr. Kiersten Baughman

Dr. Kiersten Baughman

Vikings are some of the most enjoyable students I’ve had the pleasure of working with across my years in higher education! I love the small class sizes, getting to know students as individuals in addition to their academic and career interests.

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VCSU Science professor, Dr. Casey Williams

Dr. Casey Williams

I was lucky enough to work in all sorts of environments, from the swamps and bayous of Louisiana and East Texas, to the spring fed desert streams of West Texas, to the beautiful mountain streams and river throughout Utah and Idaho.

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VCSU student Hunter Sand

Hunter Sand

You won’t regret coming here. The people and “small town” feel are amazing.

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VCSU student Hannah Dockter

Hannah Dockter

VCSU has one of the best education programs and I like that I’m still around my family. I also really like how small the campus is because I’ve gotten to know both my classmates and professors.

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VCSU alumna, KaSaundra Peterson

KaSaundra Peterson

My time at VCSU was where I truly found out who I am and who I would be, and I know for a fact I wouldn’t be in this job, having the best time ever, if it wasn’t for the people I met, the classes I took, and the experiences I had while I attended VCSU.

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VCSU assistant professor Harmony Richman

Harmony Richman

This is not a “job” to me, it is my entire passion and what drives me every day. In the morning, with coffee in hand, I tell my husband, “Okay, I’m off to school for the day!”

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VCSU online student Devin Anderson

Devin Anderson

I am so grateful that VCSU was able to accept what I already had done in college and in life and help me achieve a bachelor’s degree.

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VCSU alumnus David Woods

Meet David Woods

What you put into your community is what you get out of it. That’s the number one lesson Valley City taught me.

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Madison Yoder

Madison Yoder

VCSU is the only school I actually applied to because as soon as I stepped on campus, I knew it was for me. Something about it just fit like a glove. It’s beautiful, welcoming, and has an air of genuine dedication to its students.

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VCSU student Rachel Baker

Rachel Baker

I love the small atmosphere of our campus. There are so many opportunities to make connections with people outside of your major.

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