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Residence Life at Valley City State University

Screenshots of all campus dorms at VCSU
Residence Life

Choose from our five options for on-campus living and become a valued part of our campus community. Make new friends and discover new hobbies through campus activities and programming. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Campus Housing

Browse our high-value, full-amenity residence halls and find one that suits you and your lifestyle. With five options to choose from, we have a place for everyone.

Housing costs include a $30 programming fee, allowing Resident Assistants to host community-building events in every hall where residents can enjoy free food and prizes, attend fun activities and even receive extra education.

Explore the residence hall options below to learn more about pricing, amenities and more.


A small image of a map of Valley City State University focusing on Snoeyenbos Hall

Enjoy being removed from the hustle and bustle of campus in this suite-style, co-ed hall.


A small image of a map of Valley City State University focusing on Mythaler and Robertson Hall

Appreciate a central position to campus in this community-style, all-male hall.


A small image of a map of Valley City State University focusing on McCoy Hall

Enjoy being located across the street from the new Center for the Arts in this community-style, female hall.


A small map showing Kolstoe Hall location at Valley City State University

Live closest to the academic buildings in this suite-style, co-ed hall.


Live on-campus with an off-campus feel by renting one of our extremely affordable apartments. Open to students who have earned at least 60 credits or students who are 21 years old, these apartments hold 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom per unit. Email for more information.

Headshot of Garret Fettig outside a dorm

Garret Fettig

Resident who has lived in Robertson, Kolstoe, and Snoeyenbos Halls

Living on campus all four years at VCSU has drastically improved my college experience. Whether attending class, going to activities, or meeting up with friends, I’m always traveling the shortest distance. The safety and comfort I feel in campus housing allows me to focus on my studies and better prepare for life after graduation.

Residence Life Staff

All residence halls have Residence Assistants for each floor who serve as a resource for students while they live on campus, and are supported by their Hall Director. RAs plan engaging programs and host activities for residents to participate in. ResLife staff are there to guide students and help them achieve the best living experience possible.

Students participating in a residence life activity in McCoy Hall
Residence Life Staff posing on the walkbridge
Residence Life staff participating in activity

Contact Residence Life

Erin Edinger

Erin Edinger

Director for Residence Life

I take a lot of pride in making sure that our residence halls are a place where everyone feels comfortable, safe and welcome. While the residence halls are a place to study and sleep, they are also a place to make friends, have fun and create the memories that you will laugh about for the rest of your life. I love providing the backdrop for those memories.