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The Career Services office provides VCSU students with countless resources relating to employment, internships, international study or work, and graduate studies. Whether you’re looking for on-campus employment or advice on an upcoming interview, our knowledgeable staff can provide direction.

Please contact the Career Services office with any questions at

Students are able to work on campus through student employment or work study, if qualified.

There are also jobs off-campus available to students. The community of Valley City has many opportunities for students, and most employers understand that as a student, your schedule will need to be flexible to accommodate classes. View local job postings here.

Once you are a fully-admitted student planning to attend VCSU, you can use this process to apply for on-campus student employment.

Off-campus jobs are regularly posted on our Career Services social media pages:
Instagram:  @vcsucareer
Twitter:  @vcsucareer

Internships can provide students with a competitive edge and the opportunity to advance their skill sets for post-graduate work. Students are able to do multiple internships over many semesters, and earn 3 to 12 credits per academic area. Internship work must be directly related to the student’s major, minor, and career interest to qualify for academic credit.

To be able to apply for internships, students must be of at least a junior academic status, have a 2.5 cumulative GPA, and approval from their respective academic department.

Here are a few of the many benefits of completing an internship:

  • Gain professional knowledge and experience in your field of study.
  • Narrow career options.
  • Gain professional networking skills and contacts.
  • Earn professional references.
  • Experience hands-on learning.
  • Apply classroom learning to a work setting.
  • Develop and build upon skills necessary for the work force.

For a list of internship opportunities, please visit our internship opportunities page or contact our Career Services office.


If you’re undecided on a major or career path, Career Services has many resources and assessments available to help students narrow down choices that best fit with their strengths and personality characteristics. Contact the Career Services office to learn more or schedule a meeting.

Valley City State University is committed to not only delivering a quality educational experience, but also assisting students in their job search before and after graduation. An important part of any job search is ensuring that students have quality materials they can send out to potential employers or graduate schools. Career Services is available to help current students and alumni create and proofread their resumes, references, and cover letters.

Career Services handles international study and work students on a case-by-case basis. If you are an international student who would like to work on- or off-campus, please contact Career Services at your convenience to discuss your options.

Each graduate and professional school will have a different application process. We encourage students to read all instructions carefully to ensure their application is complete and free of errors. Career Services is here to assist with the application process and proofread all materials before submitting.

A typical application includes:

  • Application and/or application essay
  • Letters of reference
  • College transcript(s)
  • Test scores
  • Resume or Curriculum Vitae
  • Application fee (amount may vary)
  • Interview


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