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Medicine Wheel Park

Other Features of Medicine Wheel Park

Be sure to explore the other attractions in Medicine Wheel Park — you’ll experience a unique mix of nature, science, and history.

  • Native American Burial Grounds: There are twelve burial mounds within the borders of the Park. These mounds are the same type of cemetery used by Plains Woodlands Indians dating from 500 to 2,000 years ago.
  • Walking Tour of the Solar System: A model of the solar system stretches from the Sun (the center of the Medicine Wheel) to one third of a mile away, with boulders acting as the planets. These boulders are placed in exact proportion to their distance from the Sun in that one foot is equal to three million miles.
  • Meridian Calendar: Our meridian calendar uses the length of a shadow cast by a utility pole to estimate the beginning of each season at local apparent noon.
  • North Country National Scenic Trail (NCT): The NCT is a 4,600 mile trail across seven northern states linking North Dakota to New York. A segment of this trail winds through the hillside of Medicine Wheel Park for visitors to walk along.