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VCSU Job Opportunities

Administrative / Managerial

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Director for Marketing & CommunicationsFull-Time2/22/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Dual Credit Instructor: Administrative Use OnlyPart-Time11/9/2020
Part-Time, Non-benefitted Faculty Application: Administrative Use OnlyPart-Time11/23/2020
Assistant Professor for MusicFull-Time12/24/2020
Assistant Professor - Department of BusinessFull-Time2/12/2021
Assistant Professor - Botany, Range ManagementFull-Time2/22/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Plumbing & General MaintenanceFull-Time2/3/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Building Services- Facilities ServicesFull-Time2/11/2021

Student Employment Opportunities

Students are highly encouraged to use their VCSU email address when applying.

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Student Center Night ManagerPart-Time9/23/2020
Viking Learning Commons Student TutorFull-Time9/29/2020
Pooled Position-RII Track 1Part-Time11/24/2020
Pooled Position-StAsstAcadAffaPart-Time12/16/2020
Student Assistant for Career Services Office - WORK-STUDY STUDENTS ONLYPart-Time1/11/2021
Pooled Position - SC Work CrewPart-Time1/11/2021
Pooled Position-Art St Asst StPart-Time2/8/2021
Resident Assistant-SnoeyenbosPart-Time3/5/2021
Student Worker Position-StAsstDeptBusPart-Time3/6/2021