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VCSU Job Opportunities

Administrative / Managerial

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Director for Online Learning & DesignFull-Time5/17/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Dual Credit Instructor: Administrative Use OnlyPart-Time11/9/2020
Part-Time, Non-benefitted Faculty Application: Administrative Use OnlyPart-Time11/23/2020
Assistant Professor - Department of Business (Accounting)Full-Time2/12/2021
Assistant Professor - Science (Botany)Full-Time2/22/2021
Assistant Professor for MathematicsFull-Time4/22/2021
Assistant Professor - PsychologyFull-Time5/18/2021
Assistant Professor - School of Education and Graduate StudiesFull-Time5/21/2021

Graduate Assistant

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Graduate Assistant Strength & Conditioning CoachPart-Time3/9/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Web Accessibility & Application SpecialistFull-Time5/19/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Plumbing & General MaintenanceFull-Time5/17/2021
Heat Plant OperatorFull-Time5/17/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Building Services- Student Center Day ShiftFull-Time5/17/2021
Building Services- Residence LifeFull-Time5/25/2021

Student Employment Opportunities

Students are highly encouraged to use their VCSU email address when applying.

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Resident AssistantPart-Time3/5/2021
SOAR - Proposals for Undergraduate ResearchPart-Time3/18/2021
Student Building Services Assistant (academic buildings-Summer)Part-Time5/12/2021
Student Building Services Assistant (residence halls- Summer)Part-Time5/12/2021
Student Groundskeeper Assistant- SummerPart-Time5/12/2021
VC Hi-Line Prairie Garden and Orchard Plant TechPart-Time5/25/2021
Career Services Intern (posting for administrative use ONLY)Part-Time5/27/2021
Medicine Wheel AssistantPart-Time6/17/2021