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VCSU Job Opportunities

Administrative / Managerial

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Director for Career ServicesFull-Time12/10/2021
Director for Online Learning & DesignFull-Time1/11/2022


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Part-Time, Non-benefited Faculty Application: Administrative Use OnlyPart-Time7/28/2021
Assistant Professor - Science (Botany)Full-Time11/12/2021
Dual Credit Instructor: Administrative Use OnlyPart-Time11/9/2021
Assistant Professor - AccountingFull-Time12/3/2021
Assistant Professor - Business GeneralistFull-Time12/9/2021
Assistant Professor for Computer Systems and Software EngineeringFull-Time12/13/2021
Assistant Professor for EnglishFull-Time12/15/2021
Assistant Professor for MathematicsFull-Time12/23/2021
Assistant Professor for Health and Physical EducationFull-Time1/5/2022


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Assistant RegistrarFull-Time12/28/2021
Academic Systems AdministratorFull-Time12/13/2021


TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Building Services - Resident LifeFull-Time12/10/2021

Temporary Employment (non-broadbanded)

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
CTE Curriculum Developer(Temp)Part-Time12/13/2021

Student Employment Opportunities

Students are highly encouraged to use their VCSU email address when applying.

TitleTypeOpening DateClosing Date
Sodexo Food Service - Federal Work StudyPart-Time8/5/2021
Learning Center Student TutorPart-Time8/10/2021
Student Assistant for Athletic TrainingPart-Time9/17/2021
Student Worker Position-Macro LabPart-Time10/4/2021
Communication Arts Student WorkerPart-Time10/14/2021
Student Worker - Stage ManagerPart-Time11/2/2021
Student Center - Work CrewPart-Time12/9/2021
Student Assistant for CTE 283Part-Time12/9/2021
Student Assistant for VCSU ArtPart-Time1/5/2022
Student Assistant Registrar's OfficePart-Time1/10/2022
Language and Literature and Social Sciences Student WorkerPart-Time1/10/2022
Teaching assistant - Student WorkerPart-Time1/12/2022