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The Valley City State University Fisheries and Wildlife Science program strives to broadly educate undergraduate students in the fields of Fisheries and Wildlife Science in order to enable them to contribute to the betterment of these natural resources as professionals and as capable lifelong learners. The bachelor’s degree is a four-year program with three concentrations: Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Law Enforcement. VCSU’s Fisheries and Wildlife Program is an excellent option for those who seek employment or an advanced degree in a natural resources focused career while enjoying the benefits of small class sizes, one-on-one guidance, and an outdoor focused education.

What sets VCSU's Fisheries and Wildlife Programs apart from the rest?

  • In 2015, 93% of graduating seniors in the VCSU Fisheries and Wildlife Science program acquired jobs in wildlife biology, fisheries management, natural resource management, or started a graduate program in a related field.
  • Class sizes average 15 students, which allows for hands-on field experiences.
  • All applicable courses have field trips and real hands on management/research experience.
  • Every year, students have the opportunity to take an educational trip to Yellowstone and learn about wolf management.
  • Field trips include:
    • Duck banding
    • Plant sampling
    • Mark recapture studies
    • Spawning walleye and northern pike populations
    • Fish sampling
    • Bird identification
    • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service personnel field trips
    • Ranch grazing tours
    • Plant collections
  • The Fisheries and Wildlife Program at VCSU is the only program in North Dakota that meets the certification requirements of the American Fisheries Society as an Associate Fisheries Professional and those of The Wildlife Society as an Associate Wildlife Biologist. These certifications are either required by many state agencies, such as the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, or will put your resume above the rest when applying for jobs.
  • VCSU has both a student chapter of The Wildlife Society and a student subunit of the American Fisheries Society, providing for a vast network of national professionals.
  • VCSU offers undergraduate research opportunities in fisheries, aquatic entomology, and prairie ecology.
  • Every year 25-30 undergraduates attend The Wildlife Society Conference and/or The American Fisheries Society annual meetings, at which they have the opportunity to present, attend research talks, and network with future employers.
  • All the science faculty at VCSU have Ph.D. degrees, so you know you’re getting the best education from trained professionals.

I highly recommend anyone interested in a Fisheries and Wildlife Science degree to visit the campus and faculty.  You will immediately understand why I am proud to say I earned my degree at Valley City State University. Joshua Wert, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, 2015 VCSU graduate

There's no doubt that Valley City State University's Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences program prepared me and helped me get into the career that I have today. With the in-class curriculum and the hands-on field trips, the Wildlife and Fisheries program can prepare and help anyone who is interested in this career path.  James Job, Game Warden for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department, 2010 VCSU graduate

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