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Commitment to Accessibility

VCSU is committed to ensuring equal access to all programs and services for people with disabilities, prohibits disability discrimination, and assures equal opportunity to access the institution and associated information. To this end, the University will work to ensure that all constituents and members of the general public with disabilities have an opportunity equal to that of their non-disabled peers and utilize information and communications technologies, except where doing so would impose an undue burden on the University.

This website shall be the primary means of communicating the overall VCSU Accessibility program.

Accessibility Standards

The University seeks to achieve adherence to and conformance with the following standards (where possible):

EIT Coordinator (Electronic & Information Technology)
Joe Tykwinski
Chief Information Officer
(701) 845-7330

Disibility Support Services 
Ann Dorman
Testing Coordinator

Web Accessibility Specialist 
Debra Dramstad
Web Accessibility and Applications Specialist
(701) 845-7344

Office of Civil Rights
U.S. Department of Education
1220 N. Executive Hills Blvd., 8th Floor, 07-6010
Kansas City, MO 64153-1367

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