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Exercise Science & Leisure Studies - Strength and Conditioning Specialist

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The program of Exercise Science and Leisure Studies (Strength and Conditioning Specialist) is primarily designed to prepare you for careers in the strength and conditioning field. The program of study in Strength and Conditioning aims to develop an understanding of the concepts and theories of program design. You will acquire the skills necessary to develop training and conditioning regimens for athletic and fitness programs. Students who complete this program of study will be prepared to seek employment in the sport and fitness industry.


As an Exercise Science major, you will also complete a supervised field experience. During the Field Experience, the student will work with athletes and coaches to develop safe and effective programs to improve athletic performance, teach proper lifting techniques, supervise and motivate the athletes, assess their performance before and after the program, design pre-season, in-season, and post-season workouts, and reduce the probability of athletic injuries.

The American College of Sports Medicine found that demand for strength-training experts was one of the top five most promising employment trends over the past few years.
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