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The office management minor is designed to advance the career of the modern office manager. Office managers are a vital element of the business environment. They manage communications, correspond with clients, co-ordinate staff activities, and assist with keeping the office/business running smoothly.

This program is a great option for individuals who are currently working and wish to obtain VCSU credits in conjunction with the VCSU PLA (Prior Learning Assessment) program. PLA is designed to offer adult learners the opportunity to apply learning received from life and work experience toward a VCSU degree. It is a positive, non-threatening, first step toward obtaining a college degree. The PLA program is administered through the Vice President for Academic Affairs. For specific questions on PLA, contact the Office of Career Services.

Note: The office management minor is an excellent way to expand one's global perspective and to develop a secondary area of expertise. This minor alone does not completely fulfill the requirements for a university degree. The student must also complete a major and other requirements. If this minor is of particular interest, you may want to consider pursuing a major in Office Management or one of the many other business major options offered at VCSU.
  • Program Contact

    For specific questions about the content of the courses or the nature of the program.
    Brenda Finger
    Associate Professor / Department of Business Chair
    Homepage: Click here

  • Enrollment Services Representative

    For all general questions, especially for students new to VCSU.
    Sarah Larsen
    Homepage: Click here

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