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Earning a Theatre Minor at VCSU prepares graduates for continued study and professional opportunities in Theatre and Film
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The Theatre Minor offers skills, training, and practical experience in all aspects of Theatre Art. Completing a Theatre Minor will enhance career opportunities in Public Relations, Education, Athletics, Counseling, Clergy, Justice, History, Park and Forest Service, Music, Business, as Creative Directors, Broadcasters, Journalists, Teachers, Librarians, Museum Outreach Educators, Sports Reporters, Drama Therapists, Ministers, Lawyers, Detectives, Dramaturgy, Interpretive Rangers, Conductors, Music Teachers, Musicians, Vocalists, and Professional Speakers.

Courses include Introduction to Theatre Arts, Acting I and II, Musical Theatre, Fundamentals of Creative Dramatics, Directing, Oral Interpretation, Shakespeare, Theatre Practicum, Stagecraft, Costume & Makeup Design, and Theatre Workshop.
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Course work is supplemented with department activities in plays, films, internet performance, radio, solo performance, voice acting, design skills and knowledge, as well as internship opportunities with professionals around the country. Graduates are prepared with a solid education and a variety of experiences that provide the means to support themselves and the skills they'll need to pursue their dreams! Electives in Art, Music, and English enhance your Theatre Major and create a well-rounded education that is specific to your interests in performance and/or design. Additional Special Topics classes can include Stand-Up Comedy/Solo Performance, Film Acting, and Musical Theatre. VCSU Theatre Students participate in professional summer internships which enhance the skills they gain in classes and productions at VCSU.
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Auditions are open to all students at VCSU, regardless of major, minor, or course study. Students participate in all aspects of production, including acting, directing, writing, marketing, filming, editing, and design. Participation in Theatre at VCSU enhances creativity, leadership and critical thinking skills. For more information about our shows and other opportunities click here.

Students with an interest in a Theatre Minor may be interested in pursuing a Degree in Communications, English, Music, Education, Psychology, Social Science, Fisheries and Wildlife or Business.
  • Program Contact

    For specific questions about the content of the courses or the nature of the program.
    Jenni Russi
    Associate Professor / Director of Theatre
    Email: jennilou.russi@vcsu.edu
    Homepage: Click here

  • Enrollment Services Representative

    For all general questions, especially for students new to VCSU.
    Sarah Larsen
    Email: s.rhyan@vcsu.edu
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