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Program Description

The Master of Arts in Teaching parallels the undergraduate Secondary Teacher Education program and Master of Education degree by employing a set of core courses required to meet North Dakota teacher certification. This degree will help meet the increasing demand for teachers in shortage areas and also provide graduate credentials for career and salary advancement. The program will provide a more direct path to teacher licensure through an advanced level professional degree in combination with a secondary education major.

Meets State and National Standards

The program is designed around the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) all core courses center on five core propositions that express the effectiveness, knowledge, skills, dispositions, and commitments of the accomplished teacher. The program will provide an entry-level, professional degree that will move teachers more quickly into higher-paying salary lanes while supporting professional development and quality teaching and learning in secondary schools.

Program Requirements

The Master of Arts in Teaching requires 33 hours of coursework, internship/student teaching, a research report, and presentation of a comprehensive portfolio. The curriculum is structured around a set of core requirements that provide a broad foundation in education, research and technology. All MAT students are required to complete 33 hours of required courses and some students may need additional hours of Special Program credits.

Master of Arts in Teaching - Courses and Rotation

Course # Course Title Fall Spring Summer
EDUC 611 Foundations of Teaching for Learning (3)
EDUC 612 Human Development and Learning Needs (3)
EDUC 613 Reading and Multiple Literacies (3)
EDUC 614 Secondary Methods and Assessment (4) Fall
EDUC 625 Issues in School, Community and Family (3) Fall Summer
EDUC 640 Supervision and Assessment of Teachers and Learners (3)
Spring Summer
EDUC 657 Exceptionality, Diversity & Differences (3) Fall Spring
EDUC 675 Teaching with 21st Century Tools (3)
EDUC 676 Internship/Student Teaching (6) Fall Spring
EDUC 686 Integrative Capstone Project (2) Fall Spring Summer
Total Program Credits (33)
Course # Course Title Cr.
Special Program Credits (Content Major Deficiency Sequence) 3-24