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Leadership in STEM Education
Recycling at VCSU
VCSU Scholarship Auction Kick Off
Pi Omega Pi Initiates Six New Members
Spanish Classes Visit Minneapolis
Art Faculty Exhibition Opens
This Week at VCSU ...
December Birthdays

Leadership in STEM Education

Leadership in STEM Education
by Dr. Steve Shirley, VCSU President

The following article appeared in the Valley City Times Record two weeks ago.

VCSU has actively worked on a variety of new initiatives during the past several years to further solidify our leadership in the area of STEM Education. The STEM fields, consisting of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics, are critical to the development of our nation and vital to the success of future generations of educators and learners. The focus of an effective STEM Education program is the cohesive integration of all four disciplines into one comprehensive teaching and learning paradigm. During the past few decades, the United States has begun to slip in our leadership position in these important areas. As a University with a long and proud history of delivering world-class teacher education, VCSU can and will play an important role in restoring our nation's leadership in these disciplines.

In 2005, the National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, and Institute of Medicine (collectively known as the National Academies) published a document at the request of Congress titled, Rising Above the Gathering Storm: Energizing and Employing America for a Brighter Economic Future. In his testimony before Congress regarding the Rising Above report, retired CEO of Lockheed Martin, Norman Augustine, commented, "It is the unanimous view of our committee that America today faces a serious and intensifying challenge with regard to its future competitiveness and standard of living. Further, we appear to be on a losing path. We are here today hoping both to elevate the nation's awareness of this developing situation and to propose constructive solutions." One of the solutions they proposed was to increase the talent pool of K-12 teachers in math, science, and technology. This includes strengthening the skills of current teachers and recruiting new teachers into these fields. Given the teacher education expertise and current array of STEM Education initiatives, VCSU is perfectly positioned to help our region and nation address these important challenges.

The 2010 fiscal year federal omnibus spending bill recently signed by President Obama included an appropriation of $750,000 for VCSU to expand our efforts in STEM Education. This is in addition to a $381,000 congressionally-directed grant VCSU received as part of the 2009 fiscal year spending bill approved earlier this year. VCSU appreciates the support of Senator Dorgan, Representative Pomeroy, and Senator Conrad for their efforts in helping to secure this new federal funding supporting our efforts during the next few years. Additionally, during the 2009 Legislative Session, the North Dakota Legislature approved a new program further supporting STEM Education throughout North Dakota. These new funding sources will help VCSU continue to advance our efforts in STEM Education. VCSU professor Dr. Don Mugan is leading the initiatives in these areas, and as director of our efforts continues doing a tremendous job making these goals a reality.

There are several examples of recent positive developments in STEM with which VCSU is involved. This includes VCSU's collaboration with the National Center for Technological Literacy (the NCTL is an initiative of the Museum of Science, Boston) to implement standards-based engineering and technology curriculum into K-12 education, and improve the technological literacy of future educators. VCSU is the NCTL's lead partner in an initiative titled, "Closing the Technology and Engineering Teaching Gap." The principal of the new West Fargo Middle School STEM Center for sixth and seventh graders is Tabatha Joyce, an alum of VCSU's elementary education program. Governor Hoeven officially declared November 24 as STEM Day in North Dakota during an announcement at the STEM Center last month. VCSU recently hosted a statewide workshop by LEGO Education North America. Participants learned new ideas for teaching and inspiring youngsters to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math through LEGOS.

Through our ongoing efforts, VCSU will continue building upon its leadership in these important endeavors so inextricably linked to the success of our society's future.

Recycling at VCSU

by Dr. Steve Shirley, VCSU President

The following article will appear in the Valley City Times Record this week.

The Valley City State University campus has 12 garbage dumpsters placed throughout the campus that are emptied an average of thee times per dumpster per week. In total, this is the equivalence of approximately 36 dumpsters of garbage removed from the VCSU campus every single week. There is no question that VCSU has an obligation to make every effort possible to reduce the overall negative impact of garbage and waste it produces. It is exciting to report that as a campus we are now taking positive steps to minimize our impact in this area.

In October 2008, I announced during the State of the University address that VCSU would be formulating an environmental task force to look more closely at campus issues impacting the environment. The task force has met several times during the past year and has been exploring what steps VCSU can take to be more environmentally responsible.

One of the first and most obvious initiatives identified by the task force was the implementation of a new campus-wide recycling program. When the topic was first addressed over a year ago, there were no facilities or services available within Valley City to accept recyclable materials. Therefore, a comprehensive campus recycling program was simply not feasible last year. However, as you are aware, we are now fortunate as a community to have recycling services being provided by Valley Recycling. Thanks to City leaders for their efforts in prioritizing this issue, and thanks to Valley Recycling for bringing this important service to our region that will benefit us all.

As of this week, interior recycling bins have now been placed throughout the campus in all of the buildings – including academic buildings, student residence halls, the student center, and athletic facilities. This provides an opportunity for our students, faculty, staff, and visitors to recycle on a daily basis. The implementation of a campus-wide recycling effort will reduce our weekly garbage and waste collections. Additionally, it sends a strong message to campus visitors and guests that this is an issue we take seriously and make a priority as a university.

All of the materials collected throughout the campus buildings will then be transported to the central recycling collection site located in the parking lot on the west side of Foss Hall. The large recycling bins located in that parking lot are also available for public use. Additionally, the main Valley Recycling collection site is at 115 12th Ave. SE, so I would encourage anyone to use any of these various facilities for their own personal recycling efforts.

VCSU consumes a tremendous amount of paper, magazines, newspapers, plastic, glass, aluminum, cardboard, and other recyclable materials every single day. It is our responsibility to be disposing of these materials in as environmentally-friendly a manner as possible. I am proud of VCSU as we help lead the charge forward in making positive developments in these efforts within our community.

VCSU Scholarship Auction Kick Off

Want to have some fun this semester? Join the Scholarship Auction Committee!

It's that time of the year again – time to plan the Scholarship Auction!

The 16th annual Scholarship Auction is scheduled for Friday, April 23 at the Valley City Eagles. The VCSU Foundation office is currently planning the event and needs your help.

Are you willing to serve on the auction committee? Last year's committee raised over $40,000 in V-500 and Century Club Scholarships. The Foundation office cannot do this without the help of volunteers! There are several subcommittees for volunteers to serve on (decorating, solicitation, food, marketing, entertainment, and ticket sales).

If you are not able to serve on the committee and would like to help support this event consider donating a item(s) to be auction off. These can be handmade items (woodworking, quilts, wall hangings, etc.) or something that you purchase.

Those willing to serve on the auction committee please contact Kim Hesch ( or 3-7403). The first meeting of the committee will be on Thursday, January 21 at 12 noon in the Lower Level Conference Room of the Student Center. LUNCH WILL BE PROVIDED. The agenda will consist of a recap of last year's auction, determine theme, discuss subcommittees and set up meeting schedule.

Please consider helping with this year's auction!

Pi Omega Pi Initiates Six New Members

Pi Omega Pi Initiates Six New Members
Six new members have been initiated into the Valley City State University chapter of Pi Omega Pi, a national honor society for Business Education students.

Amanda Brown, Tiffany Christiansen, Theresa Foertsch, Leonard Kjelland, Abby Rittenhouse, and Ronald Thompson became the newest of over 460 members of the Pi Chapter at VCSU since 1930. In order to be invited to become members, students must attain very high academic standards and be pursuing a career in Business Education.

The initiation ceremony, held December 10, continued the long and distinguished tradition of Pi Omega Pi. Part of the ceremony includes presentation of the society's colors and guiding values. Participants in the ceremony included Tim Schilling, chapter advisor, Alicia Hase, president, Kim Hesch, Rick Ross, and Kristin Slyter, Pi Omega Pi members, and Dr. Kerry Gregoryk, instructor and past advisor. Other attendees at the ceremony were faculty members in the Business & Information Technology department, Dr. John Keller, Professor Emeritus and former advisor, Barbara Berg, former advisor, and community members of Pi Omega Pi.

Pictured Back Row: Leonard Kjelland, Tim Schilling, chapter advisor, Amanda Brown
Front Row: Abby Rittenhouse, Theresa Foertsch, Tiffany Christiansen, Ronald Thompson

Spanish Classes Visit Minneapolis

On November 22, VCSU Spanish classes traveled to Minneapolis and St. Paul to take part in a cultural experience in the barrios latinos (Hispanic neighborhoods) of the Twin Cities.

The highlight of the trip was a visit to el Mercado Central near downtown Minneapolis, where students shopped in an indoor market, visited with vendors and enjoyed authentic Hispanic meals. In addition, each student had the opportunity to explore the surrounding area and see first-hand the community.

Later the same day, they visited the Hispanic community in Saint Paul. There, they shopped for groceries at a Hispanic grocery store and also explored the different shops and murals along Cesar Chavez Street. Finally, the students enjoyed desserts in a traditional Mexican restaurant as they were serenaded by a band performing popular music in Spanish.

Art Faculty Exhibition Opens

Art Faculty Exhibition Opens
The Art Faculty Exhibition is now installed in the VCSU Art Gallery on third floor of McCarthy Hall. The exhibition is comprised of color and black and white photographs by Alice Beauchman, sculptures in ceramic and wood created by Armando Ramos, and mezzotints by Linda Whitney.

An artists' reception is scheduled in the Gallery for January 28, 5:00 – 6:30 PM. The exhibition runs through January 29.
Art Faculty Exhibition Opens

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