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This Week's Hotline! includes the following articles:

Recycling Efforts Underway
BIT Instructors Attend SAP Workshops
VCSU Professor Presents in Lecture Series
VCSU Planetarium Show Scheduled
Krapu to Speak on Expedition to Siberia
WWI & WWII Posters on Display
Guitarist-Songwriter to Perform at VCSU February
This Week at VCSU ...
January Birthdays

Recycling Efforts Underway

To encourage and support recycling efforts on campus, new recycling bins have been placed throughout campus buildings. Please make every effort to utilize these bins and recycle materials on campus. A flyer providing additional information about Valley Recycling's policies was distributed last week by Dr. Shirley – please take a few minutes to learn about the acceptable materials.

Recycling bins have been placed at several locations around campus:

McFarland – 1st Floor by East Elevator, 2nd Floor by West Elevator, 3rd Floor by Lounge.
Foss – 1st Floor Under East Stairs.
Snoeyenbos – 1st Floor, 3rd Floor.
Graichen Gym – Lobby.
Rhoades Science Center – 1st Floor by ITC.
McCoy – 1st Floor, 3rd Floor.
Kolstoe – 1st Floor, 3rd Floor.
Student Center – Lower Lounge, Upper Lounge.
Osmon Fieldhouse – In Gym during games

Large dumpsters are also available on the west side of Foss Hall for recycling materials such as glass, plastic, office paper, newspapers, metal, aluminum, magazines, and cardboard. Please feel free to use those recycle bins (however, please do NOT park directly in front of the recycle dumpsters). You can also take materials directly to the Valley Recycling facility located at 115 12th Ave. SE.

This effort is a work-in-progress and you may see campus bins being moved or relocated based on usage. If you have any further thoughts/suggestions/questions about this program, please contact Assistant Director of Facilities, Pat Horner at 845-7702 or

BIT Instructors Attend SAP Workshops

Assistant Professor Dr. Kerry Gregoryk, Assistant Professor Susan Pfeifer, and Instructor Jamie Paurus recently traveled to Huntsville, Texas to the campus of Sam Houston State University to participate in SAP University Alliance workshops.

Dr. Gregoryk and Pfeifer attended training January 5 - 8 to become certified to teach ERPsim, a serious simulation game to learn enterprise systems. ERPsim Certified Trainers must demonstrate that they have attained the sufficient level of knowledge of both ERPsim and SAP ECC to train other instructors on how to use the game. Both Pfeifer and Gregoryk successfully passed the exam and are ERPsim Certified Trainers. They plan to use this game in various BIT courses and a proposed summer camp for high school students.

Paurus attended the Business Process Integration workshop January 4-9. The workshop introduced participants to the Business Process Integration 1 + 2 course materials and trouble-shooting techniques, along with best practices for integrating SAP content into one's classes. He intends to use this material in two finance courses and an operations management course. This training will also prove helpful as he pursues certification in the future.

VCSU Professor Presents in Lecture Series

VCSU Professor Presents in Lecture Series
The Barnes County Historical Society Lecture Series Season 12 presents Professor Don Hoff of Valley City State University speaking on "Cheetahs and Other Wildlife of Namibia, Africa" on January 21, 2010, at 7:00 pm at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum (315 Central Ave N, Valley City).

Don Hoff visited Namibia, Africa, during July 2009 (winter in Namibia) as part of Earth Expeditions (a graduate program sponsored by Miami (Ohio) University and the Cincinnati Zoo) to study and participate in wildlife (especially cheetah) conservation programs. The expedition included work with Dr. Laurie Marker ( the "Jane Goodall of cheetahs") and her Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF) plus a visit to Etosha National Park to observe wildlife. His presentation will detail the expedition with description and photography.

Donald Hoff is completing his 8th year as a professor at Valley City State University. When not teaching, he likes to hunt, fish, do carpentry and travel. He previously taught at Velva and Mandaree in North Dakota, Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands, Minot State University, and the University of North Dakota. He currently teaches Earth Science/Geology courses, Science Teaching Methods, Chemistry and supervises student teachers. Hoff is also the North Dakota state coordinator for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching program. He and his wife, Sharon, have one son, Ryan.

All Lectures are at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum and held in conjunction with Valley City State University. They are free and open to the public.

For more information contact Wes Anderson at 701-845-0966.

VCSU Planetarium Show Scheduled

Valley City State University Planetarium's January public show, "The Zodiac," will be held at 11:00AM Saturday, January 23, 2010.

"The Zodiac" is a fun look at the stories surrounding the twelve zodiacal constellations that fall along the ecliptic plane over the course of the year. These ancient signs have been associated with astrology and are directly related to the early vestiges of astronomy. This program, suitable for all ages, examines these constellations and the stories of ancient gods and heroes associated with them.

The VCSU Planetarium is located in Room 310, third floor of the Rhodes Science Center. Elevator service is available. Free will admission will be accepted.
For more information contact Alice Beauchman at 845-7452 or Wes Anderson at 845-0966.

Krapu to Speak on Expedition to Siberia

Dr. Gary Krapu, a research biologist at the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center and a resident of Valley City will discuss his recent travels in Russia at the Barnes County Historical Society Museum at 7:00 pm on Thursday, January 28.

Dr. Krapu's slide talk entitled "Siberia on 2 Bean Geese a Day" will focus on his experiences while leading a scientific expedition during July and August, 2009, to identify the western limits of breeding by sandhill cranes and Siberian cranes along the northern frontier of the Sakha Republic. Dr. Krapu initiated studies in Russia after nearly one-quarter of the 133 sandhill cranes to which he had attached satellite transmitters while at their annual spring stopover in the Platte River Valley of Nebraska, settled in arctic Russia during the breeding season. After his results indicated that the numbers of sandhill cranes breeding in Russia were much larger than previously thought and were distributed over a much larger area, on-site investigations were initiated to gain a better understanding of sandhill crane distribution and ecology on their breeding grounds in northeastern Asia.

Being the first American in modern times to visit the region where crane surveys were conducted provided a unique opportunity to learn not only about cranes and other wildlife populations but also interview the native people living there. Traveling by boat and amphibious vehicle, he and the five Russians that accompanied him lived off the land while conducting crane surveys in this remote and almost inaccessible area bordering the Laptev Sea. His studies in Russia are being jointly sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey at the Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center where Dr. Krapu has studied migratory water bird populations for the past 40 years and by the Russian Academy of Science through the Institute of Biology of the Permafrost Zone located at Yakutsk.

This lecture is free and open to the public. For more information contact Wes Anderson, 701-845-0966.

WWI & WWII Posters on Display

Barnes County Historical Society is hosting "The Seeds of Victory: Home Gardening Posters from the World Wars."

To help the United States win World War I and World War II, civilians made do with less so there would be enough supplies for the armed forces. Planting a garden was encouraged by the federal government to supplement civilian shortages and allow raw materials to be diverted to the military. Through propaganda such as posters, governments and private entities encouraged growing one's own food. Gardening and canning became patriotic acts.

This exhibit features 34, full-color, war garden posters, reproduced from the originals held by the North Dakota State Archives. It will be on display now through March 30, 2010 at the Barnes County Historical Museum, 315 Central Ave N, Valley City. Hours are Monday-Saturday 10:00-4:00. Free-Will Admission.

For more information contact Wes Anderson, 701-845-0966.

Guitarist-Songwriter to Perform at VCSU February

Michael Whisler of Valley City will perform in Vangstad Auditorium on the VCSU campus, Thursday, February 4, at 7:30 pm. Adult admission charge is $5.00, with students and children free. Whisler's CDs will be for sale following the performance.

Whisler is young acoustic finger-style guitarist and songwriter. He composes for both 12 and 6 string guitars with dynamic power and speed, while drawing from American folk, blues, and classical music. His tunes range from ripping fast-paced instrumentals to slower, more emotional ballads and even dissonant free time melodies. He also blends a unique bottleneck tone to some of his compositions which utilize alternate tunings. Although Whisler is mainly a solo guitarist, he does throw in his low warm vocals to some of the tunes, without ever noticing that there isn't a band backing him up.

For more information, visit Michael Whisler's website at

This Week At VCSU ...

Monday, January 18

Martin Luther King Junior Day
No Classes and Offices Closed
Faculty Art Exhibition, VCSU Art Gallery, McCarthy 3rd Floor

Tuesday, January 19

10:00 am Senior Seminar for Non-Teaching Majors

Wednesday, January 20

9:00 am Senior Seminar at NDSU for Elementary Education Majors

Thursday, January 21

7:30 Professor Don Hoff Lecture Series speaker at Barnes County Historical Society, 'African Travelogue, Cheetahs, and Nambia Wildlife

Friday, January 22

5:30 pm Viking Women's Basketball @ Mayville State University
7:30 pm Viking Men's Basketball @ Mayville State University

Saturday, January 23

4:00 pm Viking Women's Basketball @ Dakota State University
6:00 pm Viking Men's Basketball @ Dakota State University

Sunday, January 24