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This Week's Hotline! includes the following articles:

We All Have an Impact on Enrollment
New VCSU Team to Compete at Winter Show
Valley Children's Choir to Perform February 28
Annual Chamber Music Festival Scheduled March 6
VCSU Faculty and Students Attend GPFWA
Klingenstein Gives Multiple Presentations
VCSU Holds Successful Blood Drive
Cisco Unified Communications System Tip of the Week
This Week at VCSU ...
March Birthdays

We All Have an Impact on Enrollment

We All Have an Impact on Enrollment
by Dr. Margaret Dahlberg, VCSU Vice President for Academic Affairs

The following article will appear in the Valley City Times Record this week.

We are certainly pleased with the enrollment growth at VCSU this past year; many people have been working very hard to bring more students to campus and keep them engaged and successful. One of the questions which we have to ponder now, of course, is which of our efforts were most effective, and which we should therefore continue to emphasize.

The billboards described in Steve Browne's article last week in the Valley City Times Record("Billboard Boom", Feb. 11, 2010) are probably our most visible student recruitment effort; like other universities in the region, we are also seeking new students at college fairs, visiting high schools, sending out flyers, improving our web presence, developing and strengthening programs to meet new student and employer needs, and identifying new ways to contact the electronically-savvy students of this new, digital age.

Beyond these efforts, the comments of the students themselves in Browne's article point to important ways all of us share in recruiting and retaining students at VCSU:

We provide a safe and responsive community. The importance of the Valley City Community on a student's college choice cannot be understated-our students appreciate the safe, smaller town environment Valley City offers. As Damchaa Batchuluun says, "I read it was one of the safest places in America," while Jenna Kolb appreciates the size of the community and its access to the Fargo area. Recently some Valley City community leaders have met with the VCSU Student Senate to discuss ways the community can enhance students' experiences; any efforts in that direction that provide on-campus students with evening and weekend activities will certainly play a role in improving retention and recruitment.

We offer a welcoming, friendly environment. Hannah Zimmerman points out what we have heard from many students, "People are friendly and willing to talk to you [at VCSU]." At a university our size, every student is important; every student has a name. Our classes are comfortably-sized so every student can interact with his/her professor, and we prioritize and reward good teaching on our campus. We boast a talented, caring faculty and strong student services and activities.

Finally, we offer programs that respond to the needs and interests of students and employers. Sasha Miller points out that VCSU's programs are another good recruiting tool: "[VCSU is] known for teaching, and I want to be a teacher."

We are continually assessing and improving programs to be certain our students have access to the most up-to-date materials, technologies, and opportunities. Our students who are interested in research may work directly with a university professor and then present their findings in a regional or national conference. Our business students use Enterprise Software (including Microsoft, SAP, and Oracle) in their courses, so they graduate with hands-on experience. Our education programs have received significant grant funding this year that will help ensure that our students have more classroom experience before they begin teaching and support from mentors to make certain their first year of teaching is a success.

Billboards and a good website may raise our visibility, but clearly recruitment and retention require the efforts of everyone-faculty, staff, other students, and the Valley City Community. Together, we all make the difference for Valley City State University.

New VCSU Team to Compete at Winter Show

VCSU Student Team will compete in the Community Olympics and Chili Cook-Off at the 2010 North Dakota Wintershow Monday, March 1.

The Chili Cook-Off begins at 5:30. You can support the VCSU team by attending the event for one dollar, which gets you in to sample the chili and vote for people's choice. The Community Olympics follow the Chili Cook-Off at 7:00. Students are needed to compete in the events; we are also looking for a photographer and videographer.

The list of events at the Olympics include the Egg Toss, Smoosh Race, Outhouse Horseshoes, Modified Chuckwagon Race, Buffalo Chip Toss, and Tug of War.

Team coaches are Rick Ross and Ladonna Anderson (Division of Business and Information Technology). Team Captains for the Chili Cook-Off are Mike York and Abby Rittenhouse, with Team Captain Seth Olson heading up the Tug of War. Team Captains are being recruited for the five remaining events.

If you would like to participate contact Rick Ross at before Thursday, February 25.

Come out March 1 to sample the chili and cheer on the VCSU team.

Valley Children's Choir to Perform February 28

The Valley Children's Choir, under the direction of Dr. Sara Hagen, will present a concert on February 28 at 3:00 pm in Froemke Auditorium. The theme of the concert is "Home."

The choir will take a global tour through music to countries such as England, Spain, Germany, Italy, China, and Japan, but ultimately come home to Valley City to present the world premiere of "The Second Crossing of the Sheyenne." This tune was commissioned by Hagen from Ms. Danielle Ringuette Vinup, a composer from Maple Grove, MN. Ms. Vinup has composed five children's musicals and has written works for chorus, as well as vocal and instrumental solos and ensembles. Performing music that's never been heard before is a special experience and teaches the members that music is a living, breathing thing that expresses what we think and understand about our world. The premiere piece for this concert was written in part by the choir members. Ms. Vinup met with the choir while in Minneapolis to get input from the children on what they think of Valley City. Things like the Winter Show, the busy people, the city lights, and the river are all aspects of the city that were incorporated into the song. The choristers will perform on Orff mallet instruments and other percussion and sing in Latin, German, Spanish, and Japanese languages. The choir is accompanied by Ms. Jaime Namminga. The concert is free and open to the public. A free-will offering will be taken.

The choir meets for 80 minutes per week and presents three concerts per year. The first concert was in conjunction with the tour to Minneapolis in November, partially supported by the North Dakota Council on the Arts. The last concert of the season, rescheduled to Friday, April 30 at 7:30 pm, will be held with two other Community School of the Arts organizations: Valley Voices and Valley Civic Orchestra.

Annual Chamber Music Festival Scheduled March 6

Annual Chamber Music Festival Scheduled March 6
The VCSU Community School of Arts is pleased to announce the Manhattan Piano Trio will be performing along with the CSA students on Saturday, March 6 at 7:30 pm in the Annual Chamber Music Festival. The concert is free and open to the public.

The trio is consisted of three incredibly talented Julliard graduates: Wayne Lee, violin, Dmitry Kouzov, cello, and Milana Strezeva, piano. This group has performed in over 300 concerts internationally since 2004 and has won awards at the Plowman Competition, the Yellow Springs Competition, the Chesapeake Competition, and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Listeners' Choice Award in Melbourne.

Manhattan Piano Trio is committed to the education of music lovers around the world. We are very fortunate to have them with us this year. The string and piano students performing with this group are prepared by their teachers and will rehearse with the chamber players on Saturday afternoon before the concert. It is an honor to be chosen for this unique opportunity.
There will be a reception following the concert and all members of the community are invited to attend.


Bob Anderson and two students attended the Great Plains Fishery Workers Association (GPFWA) meeting in Bismarck, ND February 2-4. The GPFWA is a group of applied fisheries professionals from six US states and three Canadian provinces that gather each year to discuss everyday fisheries management issues and exchange information. Membership to this group includes fisheries scientists, government biologists, technicians, and hatchery workers who meet to discuss everyday fisheries management issues.

This meeting was a great opportunity for VCSU students to network and meet with fishery professionals from North Dakota and the region. Attendees took in the great professional papers and posters that were presented over the three day conference.

Highlights of the conference included the GPFWA presenting VCSU with a $1750 student scholarship. This scholarship has been awarded to UND for the past 50 years. This year the organization voted to award the scholarship funds to VCSU, since VCSU faculty and students participate in the meeting.

VCSU student, Jake Mertz, presented a paper on mussels entitled Population Dynamics of Unionid Mussels in the Sheyenne River.

Klingenstein Gives Multiple Presentations

Klingenstein Gives Multiple Presentations
2009-2010 offers a busy year of presentations for Beth Gigante Klingenstein, a frequent presenter at local, state, and national conferences. Klingenstein is an Associate Professor of Music at VCSU and is often invited to present on topics related to teaching piano. This year's presentations include:

· June 2009: Summer Workshop in Piano Pedagogy at the University of St. Thomas, MN
o Who's In Charge of Your Studio:
o Creative Curriculum – It's Not Just for K-12

· July 2009: National Piano Institute for Teachers and Young Artists, National Conference, Dallas, TX
o What We Charge and Why
o Hal Leonard Showcase on The Independent Piano Teacher's Studio Handbook, written by Klingenstein and published by Hal Leonard
o Piano Master Class

· February 2010: Career Education Workshop, Greater Memphis Music Teachers Association, Memphis, TN
o Professionalism in the Independent Music Studio
o What We Charge and Why
o Ignorance Is Not Bliss – Legal Issues Affecting the Independent Music Teacher

· March 2010: Monthly meeting, Fargo-Moorhead Music Teachers Association, Fargo, ND
o Ignorance Is Not Bliss – Legal Issues Affecting the Independent Music Teacher

· March 2010: Pedagogy Seminar, North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND
o Establishing the Independent Piano Studio

· March, 2010: Music Teachers National Association National Conference, Albuquerque, NM
o Online Pedagogy: A New World of Learning in the 21st Century
o From Mission to Marketing: Creating Essential Studio Documents

· April, 2010: The Independent Music Studio, Westminster College of the Arts, Princeton, NJ
o Professionalism in the Independent Music Studio
o What We Charge and Why
o Creative Curriculum – It's Not Just for K-12
o Great Pianists from Mozart to Rachmaninoff

One of the presentations at the Music Teachers National Association National Conference in Albuquerque will be on online Piano Pedagogy. Klingenstein developed the first online Piano Pedagogy course in the county.

VCSU Holds Successful Blood Drive

The VCSU blood drive held February 2 was considered highly successful according to Rob Miller, Senior Donor Recruitment Representative, for United Blood Services. Miller indicated campus coordinator, Toyin (Oluwatoyin Oladosu) did an AMAZING job with this blood drive!

Results of the drive are as follows:

70 people volunteered to donate blood
48 people were able to give blood
14 people donated on the 2 RBC machines
18 people gave blood for their very first time

62 units of blood were collected.

Cisco Unified Communications System Tip of the Week

Voice Mail Closed Greeting

You can record a closed greeting that automatically plays during non business hours to alert a caller when your normal business hours are. All users are configured with a default schedule of normal business hours, currently 7:45 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday. When you record and activate your closed greeting, the voice mail system will automatically change your greeting to the closed greeting during non business hours and return to the standard greeting when business hours start.

A closed greeting example would be 'Hello this is (name and title), VCSU offices are currently closed, office hours are Monday through Friday 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. central time. Please leave your name, number and a message after the tone.'

To record and activate you closed greeting do the following:
1. press the messages button on your phone
2. enter your pin
3. press 4 for setup
4. press 1 for greetings
5. press 3 to edit greetings
6. press 2 to record a closed greeting
7. after recording the closed greeting, press 3 to turn the greeting on.

If you would like to use this feature but your normal business hours are different than 7:45 – 4:30, please contact CJ Kotta or Tyler Tufte and provide them with your normal hours.

An archive for this and past tips is located at THIS LINK.

This Week At VCSU ...

Monday, February 22

James Krotzer, Folk Artist Exhibit, VCSU Art Gallery, McCarthy Hall 3rd Floor
5:15 pm Strong People Walk Away the Pounds "On The Move" Event (Mondays and Thursday, February 4-25), St. Catherine Gym

Tuesday, February 23

5:15 pm Walk Away the Pounds "On The Move" Event (Tuesdays January 25-February 23), St. Catherine Gym

Wednesday, February 24

12:10 pm Walk Away the Pounds & Hand Weights "On The Move" Event (Wednesdays and Fridays January 22- April 30), Hi-Liner Activity Center
5:30 pm Viking Women's Basketball vs Dickinson State University, VCSU Fieldhouse
7:30 pm Viking Men's Basketball vs Dakota State University, VCSU Fieldhouse
6:00 on Zumba "On The Move" Event, Studio 29

Thursday, February 25

5:15 pm Strong People Walk Away the Pounds "On The Move" Event (Mondays and Thursdays, February 4-25), St. Catherine Gym
7:30 pm Mauvais Sort, Worldfest Concert, Vangstad Auditorium
7:30 pm Yoga "On The Move" Event, City Auditorium

Friday, February 26

12:10 pm Walk Away the Pounds & Hand Weights "On The Move" Event (Wednesdays and Fridays January 22- April 30), Hi-Liner Activity Center
3:00 pm James Krotzer, Folk Artist Reception, VCSU Gallery, McCarthy 3rd Floor

Saturday, February 27

NFMC Junior Festival, Foss Music Hall
3:00 pm Viking Softball @ St. Cloud Dome Tournament
5:00 pm Viking Softball @ St. cloud Dome Tournament

Sunday, February 28

7:00 am Viking Softball @ St. Cloud Dome Tournament
1:00 pm Viking Softball @ St. Cloud Dome Tournament
3:00 pm Valley Children's Concert, Froemke Auditorium
DAC Basketball Tournament Quarterfinals (watch for updates on Vikings possible play)