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This Week's Hotline! includes the following articles:

A Busy VCSU Summer
Athletics at VCSU
Message from NDUS Chancellor Bill Goetz
Aus Update From China
Don Hoff Conducts Research Overseas
Anderson Attends Advanced Public Information Officer Course
This Month at VCSU and in Valley City ...
June and July Birthdays

A Busy VCSU Summer

A Busy VCSU Summer
by Dr. Steve Shirley, VCSU President

This article will appear in the Valley City Times Record this week.

As you can appreciate, campus life at VCSU is hectic during the nine months of the academic year. With a full schedule of classes, residence halls full of students, athletics, music, and theatrical events, and a variety of other student life activities, September through May are busy, active, and exciting months. However, there is an array of events that take place at VCSU during the summer months each year as well, and this summer has been no exception.

An obvious part of the summer itinerary is the summer school schedule of classes. During Summer 2010, in excess of 650 students took coursework from VCSU. Some of these students are taking courses via the internet at a distance, but many of the students are taking classes on-campus. Summer school credit production at VCSU is up over 18% this summer when compared to Summer 2009. As students work to make progress toward completing their degree, summer courses are an important part of many students' academic scheduling plans.

Beyond classes, many other activities during the summer months bring visitors to VCSU and the Valley City region. For example, by the time July is finished, a total of over 800 students will have participated in a number of different camps sponsored by VCSU's Men's & Women's Basketball teams and the VCSU Football program. These students participate in both individual and team camps, and are primarily comprised from grades 5-12. Student attendees from over 75 different school districts have participated this summer. These high schools cover all corners of North Dakota as well as students from schools in both Minnesota and South Dakota. Programs such as these athletic camps are a great way for VCSU's coaching staffs to share information and teach young people new skills. It is also a wonderful opportunity to showcase the VCSU campus to prospective future students, and welcome these individuals and their coaches and families to the campus.

We have also hosted other groups and campers at VCSU aside from the athletic camps. In June, approximately 30 high school students participated in a Business And Information Technology (BAIT) Camp. The BAIT Camp allowed students to spend several days at VCSU and in the community to learn about various careers and opportunities available in business and technology fields. Other academic-related camps and programs at VCSU this summer focus on such fields as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education and Library Science.

In addition, VCSU residence halls have been used to house individuals for such activities as the State Firefighters Convention, family reunions, and a large bicycle tour. Between athletic camps and other activities, some 700 individuals will be housed at VCSU this summer. All of these events are important not only as an opportunity to showcase the VCSU campus, but also in bringing additional visitors and guests to our community.

August will be an exciting time. We will welcome back our student-athletes participating in Volleyball and Football in early August, and then new freshmen will move into the residence halls on Friday, August 20. Classes will begin on August 23. In the meantime, the VCSU campus will continue to be a busy hub of activity with a variety of summer events and programs.

Athletics at VCSU

by Dr. Steve Shirley, VCSU President

This article appeared in the Valley City Times Record the week of June 28

This week, Valley City State University announced the hiring of Jack Denholm as the new Director of Athletics. Jack will be joining VCSU from Ellsworth Community College in Iowa Falls, IA where he has served as Athletic Director and Dean of Student Services for the past eleven years. Prior to Ellsworth, Jack spent seven years at Ridgewater College in Willmar, MN. Jack is a native of Iowa, earning his Bachelor's degree from Wartburg College in Iowa and his Master's degree from Minnesota State, Mankato. I join all VCSU students, faculty, and staff in welcoming Jack and his family to Valley City, the VCSU Community, and Viking Athletics! Jack is scheduled to begin his responsibilities on July 19.

It is a critical time right now at VCSU for athletics, so the hiring of this position has been an especially important priority. A big word of thanks to all members of the search committee who spent so many hours during the past two months in facilitating this process. A special word of thanks to our Vice-President for Business Affairs, Trudy Collins, for her leadership in chairing the committee. The other committee members included: Dick Gulmon, Tyler Van Bruggen, Ron Moser, Larry Robinson, Dave Bass, Jill DeVries, Jenni Lou Russi, Casey Olney, Mariah Martin, Trent Kosel, Deb Feuerherm, and Charlene Stenson. I would also like to extend a word of thanks and appreciation to Glen Schmalz, VCSU's Vice President for Student Affairs, who has served as administrative lead for athletics during this transitional period.

Since the early days of VCSU's founding, athletics has played an important component within the campus experience and the development of our students. Athletics also fulfills a key role in the relationship VCSU has with its current students, its alumni, the greater Valley City community, and other supporters. Our students benefit from a strong and robust athletic program to complement the other offerings of the campus.

There are a number of current campus issues that only serve to heighten the importance of welcoming Jack as our new Athletic Director (AD), including:

1) New athletic programs were added at VCSU in Fall 2009 with the addition of Men's and Women's Golf. Beginning in Fall 2010, Men's and Women's Track & Field and Cross-Country programs are being added at VCSU. With these new programs also comes new coaches, new student-athletes, and new opportunities for the VCSU Community. These additions require the leadership of a skilled AD to guide the overall department.

2) During the past year, major facility upgrades have been made to the W.E. Osmon Fieldhouse. Additional improvements have also been made to other campus athletic facilities, and further enhancements are scheduled this summer.

3) Student enrollment at VCSU continues to increase, thereby necessitating the raising of additional financial resources for scholarships. The Athletic Department has an important responsibility to ensure success with these efforts, and strong leadership from the AD is paramount to overall fundraising efforts.

4) Given current circumstances within the Dakota Athletic Conference, there are a number of pressing issues that need to be addressed. The pending departure of Minot State to the NCAA coupled with the recent applications by Black Hills State and the South Dakota School of Mines & Technology to NCAA Division Two create a number of lingering questions. The DAC and its leadership is actively working through these issues and collaborating with the NAIA. However, there are a number of complex issues that will take some time to resolve, and VCSU's new Athletic Director will play a prominent role in helping identify appropriate solutions.

For all of these reasons, and a host of others, it is imperative that a skilled Athletic Director was selected to lead Viking Athletics. We are excited about the addition of Jack Denholm to VCSU and look forward to his leadership and contributions in the months and years ahead!

Message from NDUS Chancellor Bill Goetz

Dear Faculty and Staff,

The 2009 Accountability Measures Report provides a wealth of information about the high-quality, affordable and accessible higher education available on your campus and throughout the North Dakota University System.

This document demonstrates how the 11 colleges and universities are achieving the accountability expectations established by the Legislative Assembly and the Roundtable on Higher Education, a visionary body of public and private sector leaders. The report also is a valuable management tool for campus and system officials. I hope you will spend some time reviewing the 2009 Accountability Measures Report available at 2009 Accountability Measures Report

As a member of our University System family, you have contributed to some of the many successes highlighted in this publication. I thank you for your dedication, and I challenge you to help make your campus an even better place to learn and grow.


Bill Goetz, Chancellor
North Dakota University System

Aus Update From China

Aus Update From China
Hi VCSU --

I am now at Zhejiang Economic and Trade Polytechnic (ZJETP)University in Hangzhou China and everything is going well.

I spent the first two days in Asia in Shanghai and it was very beautiful and exciting. The expo is going on and the city is incredibly beautiful. Now I'm in Hangzhou and it reminds me of New York, it's so urban and crowded with people--the forest campus is about 40 minutes from the urban area and it's a lovely, green campus, but very modern (except for the toilet facilities). I'm teaching with Dr. Zhao and Dr. Kitae (from Crookston), so we have China, Korea and Japan represented.

The only problem is the intermittent Internet, this is the first day in 5 days that I've had access, but they're moving us where it'll be better. Take care, more soon.

Joan Oigawa Aus, Ed.D.
Director of ELL Education
School of Education and Graduate Studies

Don Hoff Conducts Research Overseas

Don Hoff Conducts Research Overseas
Don Hoff, associate professor in VCSU's Department of Science, has been selected for the second year as an Earth Expeditions participant and last month traveled to study wild cats and wild horses in Mongolia, "the land of the blue sky."

Earth Expeditions' Field Expedition program, created by Project Dragonfly at Miami University and the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden, recognizes outstanding U.S. and international educators and engages them in firsthand educational and scientific research at conservation hotspots around the world.

From June 14 to June 23, Hoff studied in Mongolia, visiting a primary research site for the Pallas Cat Conservation Project and then traveled to Hustai National Park. In these two locations, the group of 15 U.S. and international educators explored the great steppe of Mongolia and engaged in the conservation stories of two key local species: the Pallas cat and Przewalski's horse, which is considered to be the only true wild horse left in the world.

This summer, Earth Expeditions educators will also study cheetahs in Namibia, tag leatherback sea turtles in Trinidad, investigate howler monkeys in Belize, explore tropical rainforest ecology in Costa Rica, coastal, marine and terrestrial ecosystems in Baja, study the evolution and maintenance of biodiversity in the Amazon, and study the role of the Maasai people with Kenyan wildlife. Throughout, Earth Expeditions educators engage with international colleagues and scientists to bring about change in local and global contexts.

Anderson Attends Advanced Public Information Officer Course

Anderson Attends Advanced Public Information Officer Course
Director of Communications and Marketing Doug Anderson attended the "Advanced Public Information Officer" course, put on by the Emergency Management Institute (EMI) in Emmitsburg, MD, June 28 – July 30.

In the course, he learned about the procedures and practices that the EMI and FEMA use to communicate with the public during crisis and emergency situations. He also had the opportunity to put them into practice during a simulated emergency.

This course was the successor to the "Basic Public Information Officer" course which Chancellor Bill Goetz required all communications professionals in the University System to complete, and which Anderson completed in February, 2010.

This Week At VCSU and in Valley City ...

Monday, July 12

Annual Bike Rodeo, 5:30 pm, North Dakota Winter Show Building

Tuesday, July 13

Wednesday, July 14

Three STEM – Museum of Science Workshops Begins (July 14-15)
Life Science 1.0
Building Math – Stranded!
Engineering the Future – Project 2.0

Music in the Park, Barnes County Court House Lawn, 7:15 pm

Thursday, July 15


Friday, July 16

Barnes County 4-H Achievement Days (July 16-17), North Dakota Winter Show Building

Saturday, July 17

Farmer's Market at Hinchberger Park every Saturday June 5-October 30

Sunday, July 18

Monday, July 19

BAC "Creative Art Studio" Workshop, St. Kates Heritage Room, 6:30-8:00 pm (July 19-22)

Tuesday, July 20

Wednesday, July 21

Music in the Park, Barnes County Court House Lawn, 7:15 pm

Thursday, July 22

J.A.K.E.S Day, VC Trap Club Range

Friday, July 23

VC Junior Open Tennis Tournament (July 23-24)

Saturday, July 24

Farmer's Market at Hinchberger Park every Saturday June 5-October 30
Debbie Gabel Memorial Cancer Raffle: Motorcycle Run, Supper at 5:00 pm, Street dance at 9:00, Valley City VFW

Sunday, July 25