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A Strong Tradition of Music at VCSU
VCSU Art Student Exhibition Open
Lights for Lindsay this Friday
Forness Attends 3rd Annual E4 Conference
Students Get First Hand SAP "Education"
Melgaard & Ross Attend ACTE Conference
Chancellor's Message: Biennial Budget Request
Winter Safety & Tips
Energy Conservation Tip of the Week
This Week at VCSU and in Valley City ...
December Birthdays

A Strong Tradition of Music at VCSU

A Strong Tradition of Music at VCSU
by Dr. Steve Shirley, Valley City State University President

The following article will appear in the Valley City Times Record this week.

One of my favorite aspects of the Holiday Season is the abundance of traditional Christmas music and holiday songs that are prevalent around us this time of year. There has certainly been no shortage of opportunities to hear and witness first-hand some of this music in Valley City recently. Students, faculty, and members of the Valley City State University community have displayed their talents in a series of recent performances.

Just last week, I attended the VCSU Jazz Ensemble's Holiday Concert, the Christmas at St. Catherine's performance featuring the VCSU Concert Choir and VCSU Valkyries, and the EBC Fraternity Alumni's 15th Anniversary "We're in the Christmas Mood" concert. All of these performances were an absolute joy to see and hear, and they truly showcased the tremendous talent embodied within the long-standing tradition of music at VCSU. In fact, a performance of "Christmas at St. Catherine's" is scheduled to be broadcast statewide on North Dakota Public Radio at 10 am on December 23.

The various concerts performed last week included students involved in band and chorale activities as well as VCSU alumni and students from surrounding high schools. It was truly an impressive display of talent, and if you missed any of the performances I hope you take the time to attend additional performances by VCSU students in the future. There are many performances scheduled throughout the rest of the winter and spring, so please take time to experience this musical talent for yourself. Additionally, the Community School for the Arts (CSA) held recitals this past weekend, and activities such as these recitals exemplify how fortunate we are to have the CSA in the Valley City community. The CSA is a fully certified member of the National Guild for Community Arts Education, and it is a true asset to our city and local region.

Music has been an integral part of the Valley City State campus since its founding days. The Music Department was officially recognized under its own heading for the first time in 1907, and student recitals and music programs have occurred since the founding of the campus. It is so exciting and awe-inspiring to see this important legacy of musical tradition and excellence continue over a century later as we approach 2011.

The VCSU Music Department is accredited by the prestigious National Association of Schools of Music (NASM). NASM accreditation signifies the educational excellence and high level of quality and academic rigor exhibited by VCSU's music programs. Additionally, NASM accreditation also helps establish curricular standards and guidelines for specific degrees and credentials offered in music.

VCSU alumni who have majored in either the Music, Music Education, or Music with emphasis in Business programs, are working and teaching throughout the region and state. In their professional roles, they are having a significant impact in sharing their skills and talents with future generations of musicians. This is an important responsibility that plays a great role in strengthening our society and richening our culture, and VCSU takes great pride in fulfilling this role. VCSU has been a leader in this area for many years, and looks forward to many more great years ahead in music and the fine arts.

VCSU Student Art Exhibition Open

VCSU Student Art Exhibition Open
The VCSU Art "End of the Semester" exhibition opened Saturday, December 11, in the VCSU Art Gallery. The exhibition of best works demonstrates the skills and abilities developed by the art students throughout the semester. It features paintings, drawings, and ceramic pieces made by both art majors and non-art majors.

The Art Gallery schedules a student run exhibition at the end of each semester to give the students the opportunity for a real world application of their skills. The students not only create the work but also prepare each piece to hang in the gallery then work as a group to curate and install the exhibition while completing all of the other professional gallery tasks required.

The exhibition will run through Wednesday, December 15.
VCSU Student Art Exhibition Open

Lights for Lindsay this Friday

The 'Lights for Lindsay' benefit will be held this Friday, December 17 at the Valley City Eagles Club. The benefit fundraiser on December 17 will begin with a tree lighting ceremony to showcase local support followed by an appetizer social, silent auction, live auction, entertainment and a DJ dance. Proceeds go directly to Sauer's on-going medical bills. Direct donations can be mailed to Bank Forward at 430 West Main Street in Valley City, ND, 58072.

For a schedule of events visit Lights for Lindsay at

Forness Attends 3rd Annual E4 Conference

Forness Attends 3rd Annual E4 Conference
Lana Fornes (Great Plains STEM Education Center, pictured at the right) attended the 3rd Annual E4 (Excellence in Elementary Engineering Education) Conference on November 16, 2010, at the St. Paul campus of the University of Minnesota, along with Roger Skophammer (Technology Education Department, pictured below) and two of his students.

The conference was sponsored by The Works (a hands-on engineering, science, and technology museum for children), the 3M Foundation, and the Minnesota Department of Education. The conference was primarily focused on providing an opportunity for elementary teachers and others to attend multiple sessions exploring science, technology, and engineering content and hands-on methodology for the elementary classroom.

During the day, there was also time to visit with vendors exhibiting commercially available STEM curriculum, kits/products for use in hands-on classroom activities and demonstrations, and get information about classroom outreach opportunities provided by museums, universities, and the Minnesota STEM Network. The conference provided numerous opportunities to make contact with elementary teachers and hear about their successes and challenges in providing hands-on STEM Education in their classrooms, to meet other individuals developing curriculum, and to gain insights and ideas for future curriculum development and workshops.
Forness Attends 3rd Annual E4 Conference

Students Get First Hand SAP

Students Get First Hand SAP
Valley City State University students attended a Minneapolis field trip led in cooperation between Susan Pfeifer and Marcia Foss November 7-9, 2010. The students attended the Americas' SAP Users' Group meeting in St. Paul, MN, where they had the opportunity to network with approximately 150 employees from organizations running SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. Students also toured Thomson Reuters and Cargill. VCSU alumni Kodee Ussatis, Bill Schlosser, and Mike Wagner led the Thomson Reuters visit where students had the opportunity to learn about ERP-related careers and tour the publisher's manufacturing facility.

VCSU has been a member of the SAP University Alliance program since 2007 and uses specialized curriculum to enhance classroom learning. Students who attended the field trip are majoring in Computer Information Systems or Business Administration and are enrolled in Pfeifer's CIS370 Enterprise Systems and/or CIS470 Customer Relationship Management courses this semester. The field trip provided an opportunity for students to use the concepts learned in the classroom and understand how they apply to organizations.

Pictured in the photo left to right are Travis Bomber, Tyler Schmit, Keith Hartwig, Matt Borgford, Kodee Ussatis, Felix Kyei-Asare, Bill Schlosser, Mike Wagner, Arial Quick, Alfredo Carballo, Brandon Pierce

Melgaard & Ross Attend ACTE Conference

Melgaard & Ross Attend ACTE Conference
Dave Melgaard (pictured at right) and Rick Ross (pictured below) attended the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Annual Convention and Career Tech Expo held December 2–4, 2010 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Attendees were treated to educational and informational sessions, extensive exhibits, and numerous networking opportunities. Associated themes of the ACTE conference were academic achievement, skill attainment and development, creating a dynamic learning environment and economic stability. Career and Technical Education concurrent session themes included topics such as performance assessment, federal assessment and accountability, CTE certification, classroom technology integration, building school partnerships, dual credit programs, and CTE graduate programs.

General session speakers included Tim Sanders at Chief Solutions Officer, Yahoo with a featured presentation on creating, growing, and nurturing strong business relationships for students and CTE programs, John Hofmeister, Founder and CEO of Citizens for Affordable Energy, Inc. which promotes sound U.S. energy security solutions for the nation, and Matthew B. Crawford, author of a New York Times best-selling book entitled, Shop Class as Soul Craft. Matthew Crawford stresses the value of work and the honor of manual trades into a life worth choosing.
Melgaard & Ross Attend ACTE Conference

Chancellor's Message: Biennial Budget Request

The North Dakota University System has produced a video for all faculty and staff in which Chancellor Goetz reviews the 2011-2013 biennial budget request for the upcoming legislative session.

Click HERE to view the video.

Winter Safety & Tips

Winter Safety & Tips
A Pile of Snow Shoveling Tips

Be heart healthy and back friendly while shoveling this winter with these tips:
If you are inactive and have a history of heart trouble, talk to your doctor before you take on the task of shoveling snow.
Avoid caffeine or nicotine before beginning. These are stimulants, which may increase your heart rate and cause your blood vessels to constrict. This places extra stress on the heart.
Drink plenty of water. Dehydration is just as big an issue in cold winter months as it is in the summer.
Dress in several layers so you can remove a layer as needed.
Warm up your muscles before shoveling, by walking for a few minutes or marching in place. Stretch the muscles in your arms and legs, because warm muscles will work more efficiently and be less likely to be injured.
Pick the right shovel for you. A smaller blade will require you to lift less snow, putting less strain on your body.
Begin shoveling slowly to avoid placing a sudden demand on your heart. Pace yourself and take breaks as needed.
Protect your back from injury by lifting correctly.
Stand with your feet about hip width for balance and keep the shovel close to your body. Bend from the knees (not the back) and tighten your stomach muscles as you lift the snow. Avoid twisting movements. If you need to move the snow to one side, reposition your feet to face the direction the snow will be going.
Most importantly - listen to your body. Stop if you feel pain!
(Facts and information taken from:

For more Winter Safety Tips, check out VCSU's Safety Webpage.

Energy Conservation Tip of the Week

At the office

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Office paper is the largest percentage of a company's garbage every day. About 85% of office paper is currently discarded (over 7 million tons in the United States alone every year). In addition, commercial paper use increased 245% between 1960 and 1994 and continues to grow.

GOOD: Reduce.
* Share electronic files, voicemail and e-mail with officemates instead of creating paper memos.

* Always use the second side of paper, either by printing on both sides or using the blank side as scrap paper.
* Use scrap paper to take notes instead of using notebooks, company pads, or message pads.
* Use scrap paper instead of stickies.

BEST: Recycle
* Help start an office paper recycling program at your company if one is not in place.
* If there is one, encourage your co-workers to use it -- sometimes a simple reminder about the amount of paper that gets thrown away every year is all it takes!
* Make sure that recycling bins are located close to printers and photocopiers (and remove the trash can if possible). If people have to walk to recycle materials they will usually throw them away instead.

(Fact and information taken from:

At home:

* Watch the thermostat closely.
* Would you really feel that much of a difference if you turned the thermostat down a couple of degrees? More than likely, you wouldn't feel a difference, especially if you wore a sweatshirt around the house. But the savings on your energy bill will be tremendous. Sources say that each degree you set your thermostat above 68 degrees increases heating costs by 3%.

This Week at VCSU and in Valley City ...

Monday, December 13

Finals Week
Art Student Exhibition (December 11-15)
4:00 pm Garage Bands Performance, Vangstad Auditorium
5:00 pm Art Student Exhibition Reception, VCSU Gallery (December 11-15), McCarthy Hall 3rd Floor

Tuesday, December 14

Valley Voice & Valley Children's Choir, Barnes County Courthouse Carol Sing

Wednesday, December 15

9:00 am- 4:00 pm Christmas Open House, Bank Forward
2:00-5:00 pm President's House Guest Inn Open for Tours
3:00-5:00 pm VCSU Holiday Open House, Student Center Skoal Room

Thursday, December 16

Valley City Merchants open until 8:00 pm with events scheduled (go to for details)
2:00-4:00 pm Susan Jorissen, Edward Jones Open House

Friday, December 17

5:30 pm Viking Women's Basketball @ University of Minnesota-Morris, Morris, MN
7:30 pm Viking Men's Basketball @ University of Minnesota-Morris, Morris, MN
Lights for Lindsay (Sauer) Fundraiser Benefit. For details, search Facebook "Lights for Lindsay"

Saturday, December 18

9:00-12:00 noon Santa Day, Dakota Plains Cooperative, Valley City
3:00 pm Viking Women's Basketball @College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, MN

Sunday, December 19

Spring Semester classes begin January 10, 2011***