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A Special Team, and a Special Season!
Scholarship Auction Committee Request to Campus
BIT Faculty Attend SAP Curriculum Congress
Energy Conservation Tip of the Week:
Avoid Slipping and Falling
Building a Better VCSU!
This Week at VCSU and in Valley City
March Birthdays

A Special Team, and a Special Season!

A Special Team, and a Special Season!
by Dr. Steve Shirley, Valley City State University President

This article will appear in the Valley City Times Record the week of March 21.

In writing columns such as this, I have to be careful not to single out individuals or programs too often as I run the risk of overlooking one group or putting too much attention in one area. However, this has been a special year for a wonderful group of students at Valley City State University who deserve that kind of "singling out."

During the past year, we have experienced athletic history at VCSU. The 2010-11 VCSU Women's basketball team achieved some milestones that have never been achieved by any previous teams. The team won 23 games, more than any VCSU Women's team has ever won. The team advanced to the NAIA National Playoffs for the first time in program history. This year's team also won the Dakota Athletic Conference (DAC) playoff tournament championship for the first time in the eleven-year history of the DAC. These are the accomplishments that have been celebrated during the past few weeks. However, in looking a bit closer at this special team, there is so much that is even more fascinating and worthy of our attention.

First, with the most recent results available through the Women's Basketball Coaches Association, the VCSU Women's Basketball team finished second in the nation in overall team Grade Point Average among all NAIA institutions. The team had a 3.688 team GPA on a four-point scale in 2009-10. This is further evidenced with the fact that VCSU had five women who were named NAIA Scholar-Athletes in 2010-11; this is the most in the DAC, and among all 144 NAIA Division II Women's basketball programs, only two schools had more Scholar Athletes. Clearly, this is a group of student-athletes who put the 'student' first and succeed not just on the court, but also in the classroom.

Next, it is appropriate to write a few words about perseverance and determination. This is a team that just three short years ago were winless in the DAC going 0-14. This is mentioned not to bring up bad memories of a difficult season, but to focus on how very far this program has come in such a short period of time. VCSU Women's Basketball is now competing on the national stage and building a foundation for future successful seasons, and this is just three years removed from a very low point in program history.

For further evidence of perseverance, consider VCSU's home facility and athletic conference issues. Less than two years ago, Osmon Fieldhouse was closed for half the season due to structural concerns. Additionally, with the departure of several schools, there have been numerous questions regarding the DAC and future conference options. Certainly the combination of a winless season, a home court in disrepair, and questions about conference affiliation would not make a coach's job of recruiting or a player's job of focusing any easier. But this is a special group – from coaches to players – who have been determined to succeed despite the challenges. Much of life is about how we respond to obstacles thrown our way, and this team has shown us how determination and perseverance pay off!

Among all of the wonderful team accomplishments, there were also some impressive individuals honored as well. Amanda Brown was named First-Team All-DAC, Caitlyn Wojahn was named Third-Team All-DAC, and, Jill DeVries was named a very well-deserved DAC Coach of the Year. It will be exciting to watch the Women's Basketball program grow at VCSU in the coming years, but there is no doubt that the 2010-11 team will go down in history for all they have accomplished, and the great manner in which they have represented Valley City State University this past year.

Scholarship Auction Committee Request to Campus

Scholarship Auction Committee Request to Campus
The 17th annual VCSU Scholarship Auction is scheduled for Friday, April 29 at the Valley City Eagles. The auction committee is finalizing details and has kicked off ticket sales! Last year over $60,000 was raised in V-500 and Century Club Scholarships. This year's theme is the "VCSU Zone" – the Eagles club will be decked out with sports decor!

How can you help? Here are three suggestions -

#1 Purchase tickets to the auction ($35 each or 2 for $60). Attendance gives you two beverage tickets, buffet dinner, and the drawing for 3 BIG chances to win! Prizes this year are an iPad (Wi-Fi 32GM) with case and camera connection, a $500 Gift Card to Leevers and a Magnavox 26-Inch 720p LCD HDTV with built in DVD player. You do not need to be present to win!

#2 Donate a item to the live or silent auction. Popular items include tools, artwork, sporting equipment, outright cash, gift certificates, etc.


#3 We are adding a new section to the auction this year. We are going to have a Mystery Wine Table. What is this? There will be bottles of wine available for purchase for $20 each. The Mystery being that the bottles of wine will be boxed and numbered so you won't know what kind of wine you are purchasing!

Donate a bottle of your favorite wine (minimum value of $20). We are encouraging our campus community to help support this new addition to the auction. How can you do that? We suggest that each department or office each donate a bottle or two of wine to the Mystery Wine Table. Each group will be recognized in the auction booklet! Deadline to drop off donations is April 15. If you would like to donate a bottle of your favorite wine please contact Kim Hesch or Loree Morehouse at (701) 845-7403 or (701) 845-7203. President Shirley has approved this auction fundraiser and the Foundation & Advancement office is a approved collection site.

Contact the Advancement Office for tickets, details of the event, or to find out how you can contribute by calling 845-7403 or emailing

BIT Faculty Attend SAP Curriculum Congress

The Division of Business and Information Technology sent three VCSU faculty members to the SAP Curriculum Congress 2011 in Monterey, California March 10-12, 2011. The annual SAP Curriculum Congress brings together leading educators from around the world to exchange ideas and information exploring innovative curricula and the use of technology in the classroom. Dr. Kerry Gregoryk, Jamie Paurus, and Sue Pfeifer attended workshops and training sessions to bring information and technology back to the classroom.

Paurus attended Business Intelligence training workshops and plans to use the analysis tools in upper level Business Administration courses as a way for students to analyze data and learn to make sound business decisions using information. Gregoryk and Pfeifer attended a workshop on SAP NetWeaver and networked with other educators regarding certification programs. All three participated in the new workshop demonstrating a new product called BusinessByDesign which may be integrated in upcoming business classes. Pfeifer facilitated a pre-congress meeting with other member university faculty coordinators and presented a poster session about VCSU's utilization of the SAP University Alliance programs to build recognition. It is becoming obvious that VCSU is becoming a leader in the SAP University Alliance program based on great feedback during the conference from alliance leaders and fellow coordinators and program faculty.

Over 95,000 companies in over 120 countries run SAP software– from distinct solutions addressing the needs of small businesses and midsize companies to suite offerings for global organizations. VCSU is the only university in several surrounding states participating in the SAP University Alliance program.

Energy Conservation Tip of the Week:

Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!

Office paper is the largest percentage of a company's garbage every day. About 85% of office paper is currently discarded (over 7 million tons in the United States alone every year). In addition, commercial paper use increased 245% between 1960 and 1994 and continues to grow.

GOOD: Reduce
**Share electronic files, voicemail and e-mail with office mates instead of creating paper memos.
**Reduce fax traffic by using computer modems instead of the office fax machine. You can save paper on one or both ends.

**Always use the second side of paper, either by printing on both sides or using the blank side as scrap paper.
**Use scrap paper to take notes instead of using notebooks, company pads, or message pads.
**Use scrap paper instead of stickies.

BEST: Recycle
**Help start an office paper recycling program at your company if one is not in place.
**If there is one, encourage your co-workers to use it -- sometimes a simple reminder about the amount of paper that gets thrown away every year is all it takes!
**Make sure that recycling bins are located close to printers and photocopiers (and remove the trash can if possible). If people have to walk to recycle materials they will usually throw them away instead.

(For more information visit EcoMall)

Avoid Slipping and Falling

Due to the continued rise and fall of temperatures, sidewalks and parking lots will continue to be extremely icy in the mornings. Please use extra caution when you get to work in the morning to avoid slipping and falling.

The Facilities Crew will try to assist as much as possible.

Here are a few tips to remember when walking during icy conditions:
· Be attentive and make sure you know what conditions you are walking on.
· Don't walk with your hands in your pockets. This reduces your balance if you slip on the ice.
· Take short to medium steps or shuffle your feet in very icy areas.
· Don't carry or swing heavy loads, such as large boxes or cases, which could cause you to lose your balance when walking.
· When walking, curl your toes under and walk as flatfooted as possible
· Don't step on uneven surfaces. Step well over or avoid curbs with ice on them.
· Place your full attention on walking! Don't allow your attention to be divided by talking on the cell, getting your keys out of your pocket, digging in your pocketbook for items, etc., while walking on ice.

For more Safety Tips, check out VCSU's Safety webpage

Building a Better VCSU!

Project updates:

Snoeyenbos Renovation:

Crews continue to work hard and stay ahead of schedule over in Snoeyenbos. Here is an update of the work being done at this time:
** 4th floor-sheetrock is being primed .
** 3rd floor-mudding and sanding of sheetrock is in progress.
** 2nd floor-sheetrocking in progress.
** 1st floor-framework is complete.
** The sewer and domestic water systems are completed
** Fan coils have arrived today and will be installed later this week.

CLICK HERE to check out the new pictures!!

Around Campus:

During spring break smaller projects were completed as well:
**Painted the library north entrance
**Wall repair and installation of furniture in the Foundation Office
**Student Center bathrooms painted (still in progress today)

This Week at VCSU and in Valley City ...

Monday, March 21

Summer Session Registration Begins
Alicia Kiser Exhibition Opens, VCSU Gallery, McCarthy Hall 3rd Floor (March 21-April 1)
7:30 pm Peggy Hammerling, Flute, performance, Froemke Auditorium

Tuesday, March 22

5:15 pm ON THE MOVE activity, Walk Away the Pounds 1 mile & Hand Weights, St. Catherine Gym

Wednesday, March 23

12:10 pm ON THE MOVE activity, Walk Away the Pounds & Hand Weights, Hi-Liner Activity Center
5:15 pm ON THE MOVE activity, Strong People & Walk Away the Pounds 1 mile, St. Catherine Gym

Thursday, March 24

Viking Softball @ Rebel Spring Games, Kissimmee, FL (March 10-15)
7:00 pm Alpha Lamda Delta Initiation Ceremony, Skoal Room

Friday, March 25

12:10 pm ON THE MOVE activity, Walk Away the Pounds & Hand Weights, Open Door Center
VCPR Youth Basketball Tournament – 23rd Annual Spring Shoot Out (March 25-26)

Saturday, March 26

Viking Track & Field @ Dakota State University, Madison, SD
9:00 am Viking Visit Day, VCSU Student Center
9:00-11:00 am District 24 Legislative Forum, Enderlin City Auditors Office
12:00 pm Viking Baseball vs Dickinson State University @ Rapid City, SD
3:00 pm Viking Baseball vs Jamestown College @ Rapid City, SD

Sunday, March 27

12:00 pm Viking Baseball vs Minot State University @ Rapid City, SD
3:00 pm Viking Baseball vs Minot state University @ Rapid City, SD