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Prairie Waters and the Geographic Institute
VCSU Receives $700,000+ Energy Efficiency Grant
VCSU Football in Alaska
Hagen Invited to Technology in Music Education Event
Ross Accepts Committee Assignment
Thank You VCSU!
Free Public Planetarium Show June 19
Thank You Received
What's Happening at VCSU and in Valley City ...
June & July Birthdays

Prairie Waters and the Geographic Institute

Prairie Waters and the Geographic Institute
by Dr. Steve Shirley, Valley City State University President

The following article will appear in the Valley City Times Record the week of June 13.

Last week, Valley City State University, in conjunction with our Prairie Waters Education and Research Center, served as the host site for the North Dakota Geographic Alliance Summer Institute. This Institute, which included approximately 30 elementary and secondary geography and science teachers from throughout North Dakota, is held annually and rotates across the state. This year marks the very first year the week-long Geographic Summer Institute has been held in Valley City.

A major reason VCSU was selected to host the Institute is due to the new Prairie Waters Education and Research Center that was launched in Kathryn, ND last fall. The Center is funded primarily from the Environmental Protection Agency's Clean Water Act Section 319 funds through a five-year North Dakota Department of Health grant. The concept of the Center is to serve as a statewide resource for water-based research, education, and management.

The idea behind this innovative and unique Center has long been a vision of VCSU Professor Dr. Andre DeLorme. It has been so exciting to see Prairie Waters come to fruition and begin operating during the past year. Since its opening in 2010, the Center has hosted workshops and meetings for hundreds of students and teachers alike from all grade levels throughout North Dakota. Prairie Waters is clearly having a positive educational impact in educating our state's citizens about water-related concepts and issues.

While at the Geographic Alliance Institute, these educator participants stayed on campus, utilized VCSU buildings and facilities, learned more about VCSU and the community, shopped in local businesses, ate at area restaurants, and made other important impacts throughout the Sheyenne River Region. Activities such as last week's Institute prove that the Prairie Waters Center can have not only a meaningful educational and research value, but the Center can also provide an economic benefit to our communities as well.

This year's Institute was titled, "Water in Changing Landscapes – Past, Present, and Future." Given the ongoing water challenges throughout virtually every corner of North Dakota, this is a very fitting and timely Institute for our state's teachers. The participating teachers spent considerable time exploring the various aspects of the Sheyenne River Valley Region. The Institute utilized "outdoor classroom settings" and many hands-on activities in giving participants a first-hand account of the materials and concepts being taught.

The Prairie Waters Education and Research Center aligns nicely with VCSU's Fisheries and Wildlife program, STEM Education initiatives, and other science-based educational activities that have been underway at VCSU. The Prairie Waters Center will help VCSU in building upon its leadership in science-based undergraduate education, and will be a valuable resource within the Sheyenne Valley Region and throughout the state of North Dakota for years to come.

VCSU Receives $700,000+ Energy Efficiency Grant

Valley City State University has been awarded two ND Department of Commerce grants through its ARRA Energy Efficiency Improvement Program for State Facilities.

Phase I of the grant was for $72,740 and was used to upgrade lighting in several buildings and install air de-stratification fans in the two gymnasiums to conserve energy. Energy savings with these upgrades is estimated at $4,360 per year.

Phase II of the grant is for $629,657 and will be used for the following four areas:
1. Replace Student Center electric boilers (used in the summer) with efficient gas fired boiler
2. Upgrade plumbing fixtures in several campus buildings to conserve water
3. Upgrade building envelopes to seal doors and windows and replace selected windows in several campus buildings
4. Insulate Graichen Gym roof
Annual energy savings from the Phase II projects is estimated at $42,306 per year.

The phase two projects involve several buildings on campus and will be completed this summer.

VCSU Football in Alaska

Head VCSU Football Coach, Dennis McCulloch and Assistant Football Coach, Gregg Horner will be conducting a football camp at Colony High School in Palmer, Alaska. Dates of the camp are June 19 through June 22.

The camp is coordinated though VCSU alumni who coach in that area.

Hagen Invited to Technology in Music Education Event

Hagen Invited to Technology in Music Education Event
Dr. Sara Hagen was invited to attend the Technology in Music Education MN held at the Perpich Center for Arts Education in Minneapolis, MN on June 1.

Keynote speakers were Charles Miller and Aaron Doering from the University of Minnesota discussing their unique research agendas for technology in teaching K-12. Participants represented K-12, higher ed, and business, offering a variety of perspectives in current uses of technology for teaching music. One of the main resources used during the discussions was "The Effects of Technology on Music Learning" written by Dr. Scott Lipscomb, accepted by GIA Publications for the book, Tanglewood II: Summoning the Future, scheduled for publication summer 2011.

Hagen served on the Tanglewood II Music Technology Satellite Symposium in June, 2007. The original Tanglewood Symposium was held in 1967 at which a group of 34 scholars met to examine the role of music education in American Society. The workshop ended with a reflection session and plans for the future including discussion of collaborative projects, formation of a Minnesota TI:ME chapter, and creation of a technology newsletter.

Ross Accepts Committee Assignment

Ross Accepts Committee Assignment
VCSU Assistant Professor, Rick Ross of the Division of Business and Information Technology, has accepted a committee assignment on the Region V Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) Nominating Committee through the year 2013. The responsibilities of the Nominating Committee are to nominate the best qualified members for each elective position of leadership of the association and to oversee the election process in the association.

Founded in 1926, the Association for Career and Technical Education is the largest national education association dedicated to the advancement of education that prepares youth and adults for successful careers. ACTE Region V is comprised of the 14 most western states as well as Alaska and Hawaii.

Thank You VCSU!

Enrollment Services would like to thank everyone who participated in a Viking Visit Day this past year. Whether you were there to greet students or helped us to prepare for the event, your support did not go unappreciated. All four visit days were a great success, and we could not have done it without your help! Campus visits are vital in a prospective student's decision-making process, and when they see the campus pull together on a Saturday morning to visit with them about VCSU it makes a great impression on the students and their families.

We had a total of 113 students attend a Viking Visit Day in the 2010-2011 academic year. Attendance has almost doubled in the past couple years, which is an outstanding achievement for Valley City State University! Of the 113 students, 85 were high school seniors. Out of the 85 high school seniors, 55 of those applied for admission and 44 are planning to join us this fall.

We welcome you to attend a Viking Visit Day this next year to greet the students and families, whether you're staff or faculty. The more friendly faces, the better! Our scheduled 2011-2012 Viking Visit Days are:
October 29, 2011
November 19, 2011
January 21, 2012
March 24, 2012

We hope to see you there! Thanks again, and enjoy your summer.
Enrollment Services

Free Public Planetarium Show June 19

A free public planetarium show, "The Solar System," has been scheduled for Sunday, June 19, 2011, at 2:00 pm at the VCSU Planetarium located at Room 310 Rhoades Science Center.

"The Solar System" is a fun way to learn about the 11 planets with the help of the Hubble Space Telescope, the International Space Station, the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter and Cassini. These satellites guide the audience through the planets and tell interesting information about each one, including scientific facts, mythology and even jokes. This 30 minute entertaining show is suitable for all ages.

Thank You Received

The following thank you was recently received for the VCSU community.

President Shirley & VCSU Community,

Thank you so very much for the supper, VCSU picture, kind words and care that you all extended to me at my retirement. And for the many years at VCSU.

I miss everyone and want to thank you all for the friendship and support that I received over my years there, you truly are a "VCSU Family" at work!

Keep in Touch!

Colleen Clancy

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