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Shelly Ellig Field
Yamauchi Presents at International Conference
Russi Performs at Theatre Conference
Former VCSU Professor Presents in Valley City
More News from VCSU Faculty Teaching in China
Students Mention VCSU in Wall Street Journal
What's Happening at VCSU and in Valley City...
July & August Birthdays

Shelly Ellig Field

Shelly Ellig Field
by Dr. Steve Shirley, Valley City State University President

This article will appear in the Valley City Times Record the week of July 25, 2011.

As you may have seen or heard in the news last week, Valley City State University held a press conference to officially dedicate our new artificial turf field to Shelly Ellig. The Football Field complex west of Osmon Fieldhouse will now be known as "Shelly Ellig Field at Lokken Stadium." The field is named after Mr. Sheldon "Shelly" Ellig who was the long-time president of Stop-N-Go Stores. Shelly was involved in that company from 1974 until his death in October 2010. Not only was Mr. Ellig a successful businessman with the Stop-N-Go chain, but he was also an active philanthropist and supporter of numerous initiatives that benefit youth throughout our region.

Prior to his passing last fall, Mr. Ellig made a generous pledge toward VCSU's artificial turf installation project, and without his support and the support of Stop-N-Go, this turf project simply would not be a reality today. The name Shelly Ellig Field is a fitting tribute to Shelly for his important contributions to this project. We look forward in the years ahead to utilizing the new artificial turf for a wider variety and larger number of uses than what was previously possible with the grass field.

In addition to Ellig and Stop-N-Go, there are numerous other important local businesses and organizations that have contributed to this project and helped to ensure its success. In particular, thanks goes to the City of Valley City and the Visitor's Committee, the Valley City-Barnes County Development Corporation, Bob & Jan Ingstad – Ingstad Family Media, Dacotah Bank, AmericInn, Grotberg Electric, Leevers Super Valu, Nodak Mutual Insurance, and Mr. DuWayne Bott, along with all of the alumni, faculty and staff, businesses, and other contributors who have pledged their support toward this project.

VCSU has also invested significantly in this project with university resources used for campus deferred maintenance. Rather than invest those dollars into re-building the grass surface and building a new drainage crown on the field, we opted to put the resources toward the artificial surface. In the long run, this should prove to be a wise financial decision as future time, energy, and dollars will not need to go toward mowing, striping, fertilizing, watering, and other such annual maintenance required of a grass field.

Other improvements are also being made throughout Lokken Stadium including the recent purchase of a new scoreboard (it will be installed in the coming weeks), additional upgrades under the bleachers, new painting, stadium lighting, and other cosmetic and physical enhancements. All of these improvements will combine for a wonderful atmosphere in hosting not only VCSU Viking football games and practices, but will also serve VCSU's other athletic programs, intramural athletics, and can be made available for high school and other youth programs. No doubt, this will be a terrific new asset for Valley City and the Barnes County region. I hope to see you "under the lights" for VCSU's home football opener on the new Shelly Ellig Field against Morningside College on Thursday, September 1 at 7:00 pm!

Yamauchi Presents at International Conference

Yamauchi Presents at International Conference
Valley City State University assistant professor of mathematics, Dr. Takayuki Yamauchi, gave an invited talk at the Sixth International Conference on Dynamic Systems and Applications held in Atlanta, GA on May 27, 2011, hosted by International Federation of Nonlinear Analysts.

The conference was held from May 25 to May 28, 2011. His last invited presentation was at The Fifth World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts held in Orlando, FL, July 2008 (The World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts is the olympiad of nonlinear analysis that is held every four years in Olympic years).

Nonlinear analysis is a branch of mathematics for rigorously analyzing problems that arise in all branches of science including physics, chemistry, biology, medical science, computer science, earth science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, civil engineering, biomedical engineering, material science, computer engineering, statistics, resource management, public health, business administration, and economics.

Dr. Yamauchi Presentation was titled "Regularity Properties of a State of Equilibrium of a Plasma Flow in a Nuclear Fusion Reactor." This presentation is a continuation of the paper published in the Dec. 2007 issue of The International Journal of Evolution Equations. The original problem was proposed in 1958 by three pioneers of nuclear fusion: physicists at Courant Institute of Mathematics at New York University. Mathematical analysis of the problem had been challenged unsuccessfully by many famous mathematicians around the world including 1994 Fields Medalist P.L. Lions. In the paper mentioned above, he obtained a sufficient condition under which a smooth equilibrium solution is obtained, which had been considered unattainable. Based on this result, he was invited to give a talk at The Fifth World Congress of Nonlinear Analysts in July 2008. At that time, however, no rigorous concept of smooth re-arrangement of a given smooth function was available. The concept of one kind of continuous re-arrangement of a given smooth function had been developed by F. Brock in 2000, but no concept of general continuous re-arrangement had been developed. Since Dec 2007, he developed a heuristic concept of not only continuous but also smooth (no zig-zag path or corner is allowed) re-arrangement. In this talk, he presented a heuristic idea of smooth re-arrangement of a given smooth function.

The full schedule of the conference is available HERE.

Russi Performs at Theatre Conference

Russi Performs at Theatre Conference
Jenni Lou Russi was an actress for new works during the 2011 Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Valdez, Alaska this June. The conference was held at the Valdez Civic and Convention Center. With a focus on the development of new scripts, actors from around the country contribute to the process by playing roles in the scripts. Playwrights at all levels develop scripts during the conference, preparing for production and publication.

In addition to acting in three new works, Jenni Lou participated in workshops for theatre professionals, and performed in the Valdez Fringe Festival. The Prince William Sound Community College has hosted her participation at the conference several times since 1994.

Pictured here is Jenni Lou Russi with Broadway director Marshall W. Mason at the Last Frontier Theatre Conference.

Former VCSU Professor Presents in Valley City

The Barnes County Historical Society Presents "Norwegian American Women: Migration, Communities, and Identities" by former Valley City State University Professor Dr. Lori Lahlum at 7:00 pm Thursday, July 28, 2011, at the Barnes County Museum.

The history of Norwegian settlement in the United States has often been told through the eyes of prominent men, while the women are imagined in the form of O. E. Rolvaag's fictionalized heroine Beret Holm, who made the best of life on the frontier but whose gaze seemed ever fixed on her long-lost home. The true picture is more complex. In an area spanning the Midwest and rural West and urban areas such as Seattle, Chicago, and Brooklyn, Norwegian American women found themselves in varied circumstances, ranging from factory worker to domestic, impoverished to leisured. Offering a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach, Norwegian American Women: Migration, Communities, and Identities considers the stories of this immigrant group through a gendered lens.

Nine noted scholars situate these women in the history, literature, politics, and culture of both their ancestral home and the new land, interpreting their multifarious lives and the communities they helped build. Pieces on wide-ranging topics by Betty A. Bergland, Laurann Gilbertson, Karen v. Hansen, Lori Ann Lahlum, Ann M. Legreid, Odd S. Lovoll, Elisabeth Lonna, David C. Mauk, and Ingrid K. Urberg are bookended by Elizabeth Jameson's lively foreword and Dina Tolfsby's detailed bibliography, comprising a collection that enlightens at the same time that it inspires further investigations into the lives of women in Norwegian America.

Lori Lahlum, a native of Marion, North Dakota, is associate professor of history at Minnesota State University, Mankato, where she teaches courses on the American West. With Betty Bergland, she edited "Norwegian American Women: Migration, Communities, and Identities," and she has authored two journal articles and two book chapters. Her current projects involve revising a book manuscript on Norwegian immigrant women, landscape, and agriculture and research on a dual biography of two Norwegian immigrant women.

More News from VCSU Faculty Teaching in China

July 20, 2011

"We three (Chao, Dutton, Klingenstein) are having a wonderful time working with students and faculty here at ZJETP. There are three more days of teaching left before we can close our book for summer teaching here. Then Beth (Klingenstein) will begin her adventures in Xi'an and Beijing. Tony (Dutton) and I (Shou-ching Chao) will spend a day in Shanghai before we return to the States. We'll give you more stories when we return."

Students Mention VCSU in Wall Street Journal

Comments by VCSU student Samantha Carlson (including a reference to her brother Andrew) recently appeared in a substantial article in the "College Planning" section of the Wall Street Journal. Although the mention of VCSU is brief, the nationwide coverage of the Wall Street Journal provides excellent visibility. The entire article is available HERE.

Happenings at VCSU and in Valley City ...

Monday, July 25

Tuesday, July 26

Wednesday, July 27

Valley City Crazy Days
5:30 pm VC Mural and Wall Dedication at Rosebud Visitor Center
7:15 pm Music at the Court House featuring Dakota Gospel

Thursday, July 28

"Norwegian American Women" Presentation by Lori Lahlum, Barnes County Museum

Friday, July 29

Saturday, July 30

10:00 am Farmers Market, Hinschberger Park
3:00 & 5:30 pm UpStage Productions/Missoula Children's Theatre Presents "The Princess and the Pea," VCHS Cafeteria
Fort Ransom State Park presents – Ghost of North Dakota, Amphitheater

Sunday, July 31

Ramadan begins at sundown.

Monday, August 1

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6:00 pm VCSU at the Red Hawks Game
7:00 pm Music at the Court House

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Valley Quilters Show, Barnes County Courthouse
Craft Fair at the Courthouse
10:00 am Farmers Market, Hinschberger Park

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