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Great Plains STEM Education Center Testimonials

Hear from teachers and administrators who have had positive experiences working with GPSEC:

“We are so so so grateful for this opportunity and the amazing things that have come with it. Thank you VCSU STEM for everything we have learned!! We are so excited to use it in our classroom!”
-Brandi Hinson, McClusky Elementary

“I believe that teaching STEM concepts in kindergarten helps students to become problem solvers; thinking strategically and developing skills to persevere in engaging tasks. The MSP grant project introduced me to many new opportunities to bring STEM into my classroom. I am excited to integrate what I have learned and work with other staff members on future projects.”
-Michelle Vance, Elementary, Ellendale Public Schools

“The STEM program at VCSU is simply wonderful and I would strongly recommend any teacher at any grade level to take advantage of any training opportunities offered by VCSU. It has changed my entire outlook on my teaching approach and how I will develop my lessons and curriculum. Thank you VCSU and our wonderful and knowledgeable instructors.”
-Jeremy Lauer, 3rd & 4th grades, McClusky Public Schools

“The STEM MSP class was a great opportunity to collaborate with other teachers and learn about what’s new in STEM education. I loved learning about coding and different types of robots that my students can use!”
-Jessica Gregerson, Middle School Math & Science, Valley City Public Schools

“When I was told we’d be doing a training on Lego EV3s, I had no idea what to expect. I can honestly say it was one of the best professional development experiences I have had. Jamie Wirth did an amazing job of walking us teachers through each step of the process. We were able to experience the EV3s through the eyes of our students. He showed us how to integrate math, science, and technology into the lesson. I am an elementary math teacher, so it was great to learn different hands-on ways to instruct my students using the EV3s. I would recommend this training to any teacher who is looking for interactive ways to get their students interested and engaged in STEM education.”
-Kelsy Power, 5th & 6th grade math, Cathedral School

“I’m a teacher of 23 years, so technology can sometimes be daunting to me. I’m currently teaching 5 & 6th grade science. Our training with Jamie Wirth was exactly what the doctor ordered for me. His technique in teaching us about robotics was so easy to follow. He showed great examples of how to deal with the different scenarios that will come up when teaching robotics to the students. It was great to see and discuss how our different learning styles reacted to these projects. This will help us understand why and how our students with many different learning styles will approach this. I highly recommend this training session to any if not all teachers who are interested in working with coding and robotics.”
-Kay Power, Cathedral School

“LEGO WeDo Robotics enables students to work as scientists, engineers, and mathematicians by providing them with settings, tools, and tasks for completing cross-curricular projects. What I really like about this program is being able to differentiate for various ability levels of my students. It is just awesome to watch the kids’ excitement as they think creatively to make a working model and then reflect on how to find answers and imagine new possibilities.”
-Natalie Boe, 4th grade, Washington Elementary