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Graduate Reference Form

Office of Graduate Studies:
Phone: (701) 845-7303
Fax: (701) 845-7300

  • Applicant

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  • Applicant's academic achievements and personal characteristics
    Please check the rating scales below, compare the applicant with a representative group of individuals you have known during the professional career who have had approximately the same amount of experience and training as the applicant.
  • In the submission box below, please assist in providing a complete picture of the applicant\'s ability and his/her potential by making some observations on such matters as capacity for graduate study, present achievements and job competence. Comment upon any personal interests that might lead to be a better understanding of the applicant.
  • Submission of this letter of evaluation certifies that all statements are true as of this date. This document will help in the analysis of the applicants admission to Valley City State University.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.