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Art Gallery Opens

Feb 18, 2022

The Valley City State University Art Gallery officially opened with its first-ever show in the new Center for the Arts. The show features art from VCSU faculty and staff.

The Art Department hosted a small reception on Wednesday, Feb. 16, in the lobby of the new Center for the Arts on campus. An official grand opening event for the newest building on campus will happen in April.

Individuals look at art in the new Center for the Arts

Faculty and staff who have pieces shown in the art gallery stand together.

Visitors view art in the new art gallery.

Participating faculty and staff include

  • Ekow Ephrim – Faculty, Art
  • Gratia Brown – Faculty, Art
  • Angela Mircsov – Faculty, Art
  • Andre DeLorme – Faculty, Science
  • Aleisha Kiser – Staff, Viking Print Services
  • Kayla Elston – Staff, Marketing and Communications
  • Debbie Dramstad – Staff, Technology Services
  • Clay Mannie- Project designed by Austin Aker and Christopher Church – Faculty, Technology Education
  • Jody Henjum – Staff, Office of the President
  • Tammy Jo Taft – Staff,  Marketing and Communications
  • Kelsie Carter – Staff, Counseling Services
  • Dustin Mallory – Faculty, Music
  • Kay Johnson – Staff, Facilities Services
  • Emily Fenster – Faculty, Social Science
  • Katie Woehl – Faculty, Social Science
  • Kerry Gregoryk – Staff, Institutional Effectiveness
  • James Boe – Faculty, Graduate Studies & Extended Learning
  • Ken Jimenez – Faculty, Music
  • Curt Hill – Faculty, CSSE
  • Lindsey Wiehl – Faculty, Music
  • Paula Larson – Staff, Music
  • Kelly Tabor – Staff, Facilities Services
  • Hilde van Gijssel – Faculty, Science
  • Heather Kvillang/ EDUC 210 – Faculty, School of Ed and Grad Studies