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Alyssa Pitura
Professional Communication
Ethelbert, MB

For Alyssa, being at VCSU is all about her career.

"I love to write, so I'm planning a career in journalism. Hopefully, I'll even be able to combine journalism with other things I love to do, like travel and study other cultures."

And Alyssa thinks VCSU's major in Professional Communication is perfect for her. "You get a lot of hands on experience, and you get lots of opportunities to practice things that you will be doing in real life. For example, in my public relations class, I've written lots of press releases. Now, I feel like it is second nature."

In her first year at VCSU, Alyssa was impressed with the faculty in VCSU's Division of Communication Arts. "Joan Aus is a great professor. She is very easy to talk to and she is great about answering your questions. Shanon VanHorn is my advisor, and does a great job. It is even easy to get help from Julee, the chair of the division. This makes it easier to learn here than a big university where you are a number. At VCSU, your instructors not only know your face, they know your name, and they know you as a person. It really helps."

Alyssa's first year at VCSU was a great experience. "I met and became friends with a lot of people! The group I hung out with was quite large. There are a lot of people I would consider to be close friends. Living in Kolstoe was part of this; it made the transition to college life much easier. It's hard to get homesick when there are lots of people around! Kolstoe also has nice lounges that are great for getting your homework done."

The technology at VCSU is definitely a plus for Alyssa. "I like having a laptop. If VCSU didn't have this program, I would have had to buy one on my own, get the software I need, and I wouldn't have the Help Desk to go for questions. This is just more convenient. It is easy to communicate with professors and other students. Internet access is everywhere, and it is great to have all my course materials online."

But it is not all school work for Alyssa; she is also on the Viking Volleyball team, and this is another big reason she came to VCSU. "I love Volleyball; my high school team won provincials my senior year, and knew I wanted to continue playing in college. The team works well together. My freshman year was a year of learning. I think we'll do great next year."

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