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Lisa Paillé
Business Administration/Accounting
Winnipeg, MB

Getting involved. That is what Lisa Paillé is all about.

"You can always have your choice of staying back, doing your classes, and getting your four years out of the way. But for me personally, I try to get involved in everything. I love getting out there and meeting people. The fact that this is a smaller campus makes it is easier for me to really make a difference."

What activities is she in? You name it: Student Senate (she is the vice president), the Viking Ambassadors (in which she serves as treasurer). Volleyball. Choir. Fundraising. Through her work with the Student Senate, she organizes many activities such as the Teacher of the Year award, and events like Homecoming. On top of all this, she is working as a tutor in accounting, biology, and math, and is organizing study sessions.

Of all these activities, working in the Student Senate is her favorite. "It really got me involved in lots of things on campus, even throughout the state through the North Dakota Senate Association (NDSA). I just love organizing stuff. Put me in charge of something, and let me go to town with it!"

The instructors are another reason that Lisa likes VCSU. "The teachers here are amazing, and seem like they will stop at nothing to be helpful. One semester, I had to go back home unexpectedly, and instead of making me drop the class, Mr. Melgaard helped me finish my course from home. They know the material and they do a great job making it interesting. Mr. Schilling is the reason I am going into accounting."

To Lisa, the technology at VCSU is another advantage. "I use it constantly! Once, I dropped my computer and had to get it fixed. The Help Desk was able to fix it within a couple of hours, but for that time, I had no idea where I was supposed to be! I use it to conduct research for class papers, and it has helped me a lot in my business and accounting classes."

As positive as her experience with VCSU has been, Lisa would like to stay in the area after graduation. "I'm working on dual citizenship and hoping to stay in the States to continue my studies into graduate school. I'd like to become a CPA. If I can stay in the states, it would be North Dakota. It has become my second home."

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