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Coronavirus Campus Communication

Email from VCSU Facilities Services 7/29/20

Jul 29, 2020

Facilities Services COVID-19 Plan

The VCSU Facilities Services Department has developed campus-wide, COVID-19 mitigation measures supporting VCSU’s COVID-19 Safe Operating Procedures (content no longer available).

Items such as building maintenance, cleaning and sanitation, increased air filtration and other building operations will play an important and complementary role in minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

The COVID-19: Facilities Unit Plan (content no longer available) provides information on the measures taken by our department to keep the campus safe and minimize the risk of virus transmission in campus facilities through building operations.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE COVID-19: FACILITIES UNIT PLAN (content no longer available)

Facilities Services Department Mission Statement
The Facilities Services Department maintains the staff, equipment, and supplies sufficient to create, maintain, and operate the physical facilities in a way that fosters the safety, cleanliness, convenience and attractiveness of the campus and buildings and promotes learning, research and public service at Valley City State University.

Facilities Services Management
Valley City State University
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