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Meet Grace Reep

Feb 1, 2024

Grace Reep

Since transferring to Valley City State University, history education major Grace Reep has become an incredibly valuable member of the VCSU community. She works hard to balance her academics and on campus job at Allen Memorial Library with the work she does as secretary of student senate and NDSA representative. Her hobbies include dyeing her hair, making jewelry, and crocheting.

Hometown: Dawson, MN

Grad year: 2025

Major/minor: History Education

List any clubs, organizations, activities you are involved in on campus.
Student Senate, North Dakota Student Association

Do you have an on-campus or off-campus job?
I work at the campus library!

Do you have a favorite professor or person who has influenced you on campus? Why?
I’m still new to VCSU but I genuinely enjoy Dr. Kelly’s class, she creates a safe space and is open for discussion, so I really enjoy that.

Have you had any cool experiences since you’ve been in college that you’d like to tell us about?
Just being involved in general, I loved helping at the Bill Osmon Fun Run during homecoming week!

What does VCSU mean to you?
Still learning that, but it’s a lovely community!

What is your story? How did you end up at VCSU?
I was originally a student at NDSCS in Wahpeton, once I graduated there, I made the decision to transfer to VCSU once I learned how involved and well-known their education program was. I also already knew a good amount of people on campus so that helped my choice a lot.

What are your dreams and ambitions or career goals upon graduation?
I would love to end up teaching in Wyoming so I could live close to my sisters, I just want to teach at a public school and be as involved in the local community as possible.