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Office for Diversity and Inclusion

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion supports and advocates for VCSU’s students, faculty, and staff who are Black, Indigenous, or other People of Color (BIPoC); those who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, gender queer, or asexual (LGBTQIA+); people of all gender identities; people of minoritized spiritual and religious beliefs; First Generation College Students; immigrants; and those who are economically under resourced. We also support and advocate for issues of gender bias and body positivity.

We know the best way to understand the world around us is to embrace the full spectrum of perspectives and life experiences.

group of diverse students

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion delivers programs and events about diversity and inclusion, equality and equity, and what we can do as Vikings to celebrate, honor, and promote diversity at VCSU and beyond.

Resources available include:

VCSU Land Acknowledgement

We hereby acknowledge that the VCSU campus sits on traditional and ancestral lands of the Red Lake and Pembina bands of Ojibwe, and Sisseton and Wahpeton bands of Santee Dakota peoples. This land is deeply connected to the many indigenous people who have held and continue to hold it sacred. We pledge to work toward a strong and lasting relationship with Ojibwe and Dakota tribes as well as other indigenous peoples of our region to hold this land and community in celebration of its rich cultural history.


VCSU Statement on Racial Injustices

Valley City State University recognizes that we are living during a time of profound frustration, hurt, anger and, for many, a time of deep despair regarding the recent high-profile violent events targeting Black Americans. We believe that it is important to speak out against these atrocities. We stand with and embrace our Black students, staff, and faculty. We are committed to building an inclusive environment here at VCSU, one that recognizes and respects people of all backgrounds and experiences. We know that these words alone are not enough; we must take urgent and immediate actions to provide a more equitable experience for Black students, staff, and faculty at VCSU. We stand against racism and racial injustices and we support those who are targets of violence and social inequity. Today, we affirm an investment in this work.

Affirmed by Valley City State University, 09/23/2020

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