Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What should I do if I lose my Viking Card?

  • IMMEDIATELY report lost, found, or stolen cards to the VCSU Viking Card Office / Student Center Information Desk 701-845-7122. Users may cancel their card at the Viking eAccounts web site.

Q: Who should I contact if I have questions related to my Viking Card?

  • The Viking Card Office located at the Student Center Information Desk in the Memorial Student Center will assist you in answering questions. You can go there in person, contact them by phone at (701) 845-7122, or email

Q: What accounts are associated with the Viking Card and what are the differences?

  • The chart below explains the features of the four Viking Card accounts:

Viking Card Account Features

  • Any balance at the end of each semester is forfeited.
  • Any balance after the annual closing of the Viking I in July is forfeited.
  • Balances carry over from semester to semester provided the user maintains active employment or is preregistered for next semester classes. Refunds on any balance above $20 at the end of the academic year are available by submitting a Refund Form to the VCSU Business Office. An account inactive for more than one year since the last transaction will incur a fee of up to $20 if there is a balance, but the fee will not exceed the balance of the account. Reference VCSU policy V916.04 for complete details.

Q: How do I get my card to open a specific door on campus?

  • The Viking Card Office/Housing assigns door access privileges for resident halls for the following people:
    • all students living in the resident halls,
    • people staying in the residence hall guest rooms, excluding contractors, and
    • summer residence hall use for activities with less than three guests.
  • Facilities Services staff will issue guest cards and assign door access plans to all other users and all other buildings including access to resident halls for contractors, Viking Ambassadors, and summer camp attendees. The Facilities Services building is located on the east end of campus and you can contact them by phone at 701-845-7710 or email

Q: How can I deposit funds to my Viking Card?

  • Funds can be deposited in the following three ways:
    • Follow the link to Viking eAccounts, enter the same user name and password as the VCSU Bb portal, select the "account deposit" tab, select Add Money to the desired account, indicate the deposit amount, provide Visa, MasterCard, or Discover card information, and confirm the deposit,
    • Stop at the VCSU Business Office in McFarland Hall and provide cash, check or one of the credit cards listed above,
    • Call the VCSU Business and provide information over the phone for one of the credit cards listed above.
    Using method 2 or 3, users should have the user ID number that appears on the front of the Viking Card available to confirm deposit to the correct account.

Q: Can a parent or another guest deposit funds to my account?

  • Yes, all three methods described in the answer above may be used. There is a special login to Viking eAccounts for guests to make deposits. In order to login to Viking eAccounts, the guest will need the ID number that appears on your Viking Card and your last name. Guests cannot see or do anything else to your Viking eAccounts, e.g. see transaction history or disable your card.

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