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Welcome to new staff on campus

Sep 27, 2021

In addition to the new faculty, I introduced previously, we also have two dozen new staff members.  Although they’re not typically in the classroom, these individuals often have much direct contact with students and contribute greatly to making a VCSU education what it is for our students and their families.

Joining the staff at VCSU are the following 17 individuals who assume a variety of roles, from coaching to Enrollment Services to Facilities and more.

Dr. Allen BurgadAllen Burgad – dean, school of education
Erin Edinger – interim director for residence life
Rebecca Gourde – library associate
Michaela Hamilton – human resources/payroll specialist
Tammy Jo A. Taft – director for marketing and communication
Alec Brown – graduate assistant football
Danielle Kobata – assistant athletic trainer
Alex Kretzschmar – interim assistant football coach
Dalvin Simmons – graduate assistant football coach
Charles Bowen – heat plant operator
Andrew Schwab – heat plant operator
Wayne Kuntz – maintenance/plumber
Michael Baughman – heat plant operator
Dennis Moore – building services
Lynn Wilson – building services
Paul Thilmony – building services

It should be noted that Allen, Erin, and Paul are all VCSU alumni.

Other staff members recognized formally at Welcome Week include the following seven individuals who joined us during the last academic year. They also participated in our group orientation sessions this August. This group includes:

Rachel Bopp – administrative and assessment assistant
Samuel Carroll – student records specialist
Sheldon Greywater – admissions counselor
Taylor Henningsgard – interim assistant women’s basketball coach
Timothy Wagner – interim assistant men’s basketball coach
Cory Ley – building services
Russell Marker – building services
Daniel Ryan – building services

Note that Cory also graduated from VCSU.

That’s 24 people in new staff roles here at VCSU. Each of them plays a key part in providing our students with the coaching, services and facilities needed to succeed here in Valley City, and we are proud to have them on the VCSU team.

Go Vikings!