Emergency Notification System (ENS): Assurance NM

An Emergency Notification System (ENS) allows the campus to notify students, faculty, staff, police, and other rapidly in the event of an emergency.  Valley City State University uses the system Assurance NM for mass notification.  The North Dakota State Board of Higher Education mandates all employee (including student employees) and students participate in the ENS.  *Student are able to "opt-out" of receiving messages, but are strongly encouraged to be enrolled at all times.

Employee Updates

Participation is mandatory for all faculty, staff, adjunct, and part-time employees of VCSU. Employees can update their information by contacting the Employee Services office: 701-845-7401 or 701-845-7252 or by clicking the file below for more information.

Student Updates

VCSU encourages employees in non-affiliated campus organizations to participate in the Emergency Notification System by contacting the VCSU Safety Office at 701-845-7710 or 3-7710

Office Information

VCSU Safety Office
Facilities Services
Valley City State University
101 College St SW
Valley City, ND 58072

Office: 701.845.7710
Toll Free: 800.532.8641 ext. 37710
Fax: 701.845.7707

Email: safety@vcsu.edu

Safety Coordinator | Risk Management Contact
Jessica Frerich