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5 Things to Do After Graduation

May 1, 2023

Graphic that says "Advice from a NEW Graduate"

by Garret Fettig

’23 English & Communication

Marketing Intern

First of all, congratulations!

Hopefully, you’ve been told this all weekend, but walking across the stage and grabbing your diploma after years of work is an amazing feat.

But now what?

Take a deep breath, to start. Then go through this list and take things a step at a time.

#1 — Take a moment to yourself.
There’s nothing wrong with recuperating. After multiple semesters of grinding through classes, usually while working a job, you definitely deserve some time to breathe and enjoy your accomplishments. Slowing down for a second now can also rest you up for productivity and decision-making coming up soon.

#2 — Start looking toward the future.
Where do you want to go? Whether it’s a job, a relocation, or even another degree, this is your chance to pivot in a way that makes you excited. This doesn’t have to be an overwhelming process, either. Picture yourself one year from now. Where do you live? What are you doing? Start with the smallest pieces, and build to the bigger picture.

#3 — Prepare for whatever comes next.
Once you’ve envisioned the path you want to take, you can start laying the groundwork to cross that road. Begin researching what companies and businesses have roles like the one you’d like to be hired for. Start looking for apartments or houses in the area you’d like to move to. If you haven’t already, compile a list of the top graduate schools you’d like to apply for. Continue breaking things down into steps, to keep everything more easily achievable and manageable.

#4 — Follow up with everyone about everything.
The truth is, everyone is busy and everyone makes mistakes. A hiring manager might lose your job application, a landlord might not return your phone call, and a graduate school could forget to email you back. Be polite about it, but never be afraid to check in one more time about whatever information you need from someone.

#5 — Keep an open mindset.
It’s a time of change, and that can be intimidating. Things might not go exactly to plan, through no fault of your own. The best you can do is accept whatever comes and take it in stride. Who knows? A change you didn’t expect might lead to something better than your original plan.

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