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Meet Math Ed graduate Madison Yoder

May 1, 2024

Meet Madison Yoder, a Math Education major, from Dickinson, ND. Yoder led students on campus as the Student Body President and now has started her career as a math educator. Between teaching systems of linear equations, functions and scatter plots, she is preparing to speak during the annual commencement ceremony on May 11, 2024.

Hometown: Dickinson, ND
High School: Dickinson High School
Area of Study at VCSU: Math Education

How did you land at VCSU?
I actually only applied to VCSU. It was my dream school. VCSU has the best education program in the state and I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I haven’t always known what kind of teacher, so when I got to VCSU I started with an English education degree and a math minor. I ended up briefly double majoring and then realized that English is more of a personal passion of mine and I wanted to teach math.

What do you like about math and teaching math?
I mostly love math because it’s very methodical and very black and white. It’s also one of the subjects that can prevent people from graduating the most, so it’s an interest of mine to be a good math teacher that is friendly and approachable.

What activities did you participate in while attending VCSU?
I was the president of Student Senate and of the student body for two years. I was in English Club, Spanish Club and a crew leader for New Student Orientation. I coached speech and debate at the high school and was a member of the education advisory board. I was really impressed with the involvement student senate was able to accumulate, especially at the North Dakota Student Association (NDSA) conferences. We went from a delegation that was present but not really participating to one of the fiercest and most well-attended delegations. VCSU always had something to say and brought legislation to the table. I think that is something I helped cultivate. I think that bled on to campus. People knew who was on student senate and knew what they were doing. We were approachable and made ourselves respected and respectable.

What did student senate accomplish that you are proud of?
We were very loud about grading policies and ended up producing a survey where students could submit concerns or kudos about certain professors. We also revived the meeting between student senate and the wellness center administration. That was a concern for students and we got it restarted. We also passed a resolution about social justice that I was proud of.

Did VCSU prepare you well for your teaching career?
I do think I was well prepared. I was offered a job before my third week of student teaching was done. I applied as soon as I got here, and was offered the job because of the glowing letters of recommendation I had from professors and my supervising teacher. I immediately called my professors and was crying. I said, “Because of you, I’m living my dream.” Another teacher at my school is earning his Master’s degree through VCSU and told me he has learned more in his year than during his entire undergraduate experience. Our faculty in the math department are excellent. I felt so prepared.

What skills will you take with you for life?
VCSU above everything teaches you to be a lifelong learner. I feel like that is something I’ll always have with me.