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Gina Burtness

Monday June 27, 2022

Gina Burtness is heading into her 4th year at VCSU. During spring semester, the double major worked her way to the top as she took home first place in her human resources event at the Collegiate DECA International Career and Development Conference and Competition. Now Burtness is leaning in to her software engineering major this summer as she interns with ...

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Joe Wright

Wednesday June 22, 2022

Joe Wright always had a passion for becoming an entrepreneur, although at a young age he wasn't quite sure what that word meant. Now the VCSU grad operates both of his businesses out of a two bedroom apartment and uses his communications degree in every aspect of his work. Tell us a little bit about yourself . My name is ...

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Dr. Kyle Vareberg

Monday June 13, 2022

Dr. Kyle Vareberg, english and communications graduate believes VCSU allowed him to see beyond himself. Hometown: Valley City, North Dakota Grad year: 2012 Major: English Education and Professional Communication Tell us about yourself. Though I didn't move far to attend VCSU (roughly seven blocks), I knew when I got there that the school was right for me. While in school, ...

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Michaela Halvorson

Thursday June 2, 2022

Michaela Halvorson, biology graduate, took a newly offered hydrology course per her professor's recommendation. Little did she know, she would end up with a career as a surface water hydrologist. Hometown: DeLamere, North Dakota Grad year: 2016 Major: Biology Describe your current job and what you did to get there. After graduation from VCSU, I attended South Dakota School of ...

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Bonita Roswick

Thursday June 2, 2022

Bonita Roswick, biology education major, was worried about the transition back to school as an older than average student. Once she got to VCSU, those worries shed as she met many classmates who were always willing to lend a hand.   Hometown: Max, North Dakota Graduation year: 2012 Major: Biology Education What did you value most about your time at ...

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Clara Wieland

Thursday May 26, 2022

Clara Wieland, communications major, has family ties to VCSU but it was more than just family tradition that convinced her this was the place she wanted to earn a degree. What year are you at VCSU, and when will you graduate? I’m going into my senior year, I will graduate in the spring of 2023. What attracted you to VCSU? ...

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Katie Juarez

Monday May 23, 2022

Katie Juarez, physical education student, reflects on her student teaching experience as she wraps up her time at VCSU. Hometown: Angels Camp, Calif. [caption id="attachment_29069" align="alignright" width="720"] Katie Juarez with cooperating teacher, Scott Roehrich[/caption] What are some of the positive experiences that you had during your student teaching? “A positive experience, that I had during my student teaching was working ...

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Thriving Through Struggle: Reflections from 2022 Graduate Charismha Tsosie

Friday May 13, 2022

2022 VCSU Graduate Charisma Tsosie stands with Professor Hilde van Gijssel, left, and Professor Kelly LaFramboise, right. As a first-generation college student, Charismha Tsosie knew surviving, let alone thriving, in college wouldn’t be easy, but her achievements are a testament that achieving a dream can be worth the struggle. From a young age, Tsosie was committed to pursuing work in ...

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Macy Schlaht

Friday May 6, 2022

A Valley City native, Macy has invested herself into classes, on-campus opportunities and an internship, all of which landed her a job as a Marketing Coordinator before she's even graduated! What year are you at VCSU, and when will you graduate? A senior, graduating in May 2022. What attracted you to VCSU?    Valley City State University was the perfect choice ...

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Nicole Hurt

Tuesday April 5, 2022

Nicole Hurt, art education major, is enjoying the new senior studio space in the Center for the Arts as she prepares for her senior show in the fall. Where is your hometown? Hillsboro, N.D. What attracted you to VCSU? VCSU really attracted me with its beautiful campus and the welcoming feeling I got from this close-knit community the students and ...

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