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• President's Column: 11 new faculty join VCSU
• Reminder re campus fundraising guidelines
• Da Vinha and Ernst publish paper on presidential incumbency
• What’s happening at VCSU and around Valley City…

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President’s Column: 11 new faculty join VCSU

President’s Column: 11 new faculty join VCSU
By the time you read this, Valley City State University will have completed its first day of the new academic year—a day of welcome and workshops for our new faculty and staff.

We are excited this year to welcome 11 new faculty to campus. That may sound like a lot, but it’s not unusual in higher education for faculty to seek advancement in their careers by moving to a new position in a larger department or university. We also have faculty who are looking each year for positions closer to their families. And, of course, there are retirements.

Our new faculty this year replace faculty who have retired or moved on to the next stage of their career, so they represent the constant renewal in education—new ideas, new strategies, new students, new conversations, new successes—in a word, innovation. In my column this week, I’d like to introduce them briefly by department.

First, Angela Mircsov, MFA, will be replacing Karri Dieken in the Art Department. Angela is both an educator and an artist. She has been an educator in St. Louis, Mo., for the past seven years, teaching at the university level as well as in her community. Angela enjoys nature and captures this in her various forms of art, which include drawing, painting, printmaking, digital media, and design.

In the Business Department, Tammy Katuin and Jacqueline McGlade will replace Morgan Keasler and Brenda Finger. Both Tammy and Jackie will teach a variety of business subjects, including marketing, management, finance, and economics.

In Music, we look forward to the work of Daniel Becker (clarinetist), and Jerrold Heide (low brass and band instructor). Heide replaces Dr. Meyers as band director, and Dr. Becker fills a gap in our woodwind instruction area. Both Dan and Jere have been teaching in K-12 positions, Dan in Arizona and Jere in Nebraska.

In Science, Kevin Murphy will replace Dr. Sam Keasler in Chemistry, and Corey Askin will replace Dr. Susan Kilgore in Geology.

Jason Dockter, a VCSU grad and most recently a teacher in Kulm, N.D., will join the Technology Department to replace recently retired Lana Fornes.

And, in the School of Education and Graduate Studies, we welcome three new faculty: Yvonne Cannon (reading instruction and supervision of the sub program), Tim Michaelson (field experience coordinator), and Harmony Richman (teaching technology and elementary math).

At a time when budget challenges are having a strong impact on higher education in North Dakota, we are fortunate that enrollment growth in a number of areas allows us to replace faculty and continue our forward momentum. It's always sad to say goodbye to good colleagues and friends, but we also anticipate new energy and great teaching from our new faculty.

As you meet these new people in the community, please help them feel at home here in Valley City.

Reminder re campus fundraising guidelines

Welcome back to another year at VCSU! The VCSU Foundation and Alumni Office would like to remind you of the fundraising guidelines and how you can make requests if you wish to raise funds. With so many organizations on campus wanting to do fundraising, it is extremely important to coordinate our efforts. In addition, the Advancement Office maintains very precise records of donations and gifts. These records are essential for tax purposes and donor recognition.
Any campus or off-campus group that wishes to solicit donations in the name of or on behalf of Valley City State University must have approval from the VCSU Foundation and Alumni Office. This includes membership drives, solicitation of donations, sales of goods or services, camp sponsorships and grants other than academic purposes. 
A formal request to raise funds must be submitted to the VCSU Foundation and Alumni Office at least 30 days prior to the start of the fundraising activity. A form for this request can be found on the Blackboard drive in the Advancement folder; it is also available from the Foundation and Alumni Office. Any questions regarding fundraising at VCSU can be directed to Kim Hesch at 701-845-7403 or

Da Vinha and Ernst publish paper on presidential incumbency

Da Vinha and Ernst publish paper on presidential incumbency
Luis da Vinha, associate professor of geography and political science, and Niklas Ernst, 2018 VCSU graduate and SOAR research grant recipient during his undergraduate career, co-authored an article titled “The Unfinished Presidencies: Why Incumbent Presidents May Lose Their Re-Election Bids” in the June 2018 edition of “Perspectivas: The Portuguese Journal of Political Science” from the Centre for Research in Political Science at the University of Minho and University of Evora.

The paper is the result of the extensive research carried out by the authors in their collaboration in a SOAR project awarded in 2017.

The presidency offers incumbents several inherent electoral advantages, e.g., party nomination and unified party base, name recognition and political experience, access to government resources. However, some incumbent candidates have been unable to capitalize on these advantages. The article analyzes the electoral bids of Presidents Ford, Carter, and Bush, identifying the factors that can invalidate the advantages intrinsic to holding the Office of President of the United States.

The article can be found online at

What’s happening at VCSU and around Valley City…

Monday, July 13
VCSU Fall Welcome Back Week
8 a.m.–1 p.m. New employee on-boarding meetings and luncheon
4 p.m. Viking Employee Golf Scramble, Valley City Town & Country Club

Tuesday, August 14
12:05 p.m. Rotary, VFW
4:30 p.m. 4th Annual Viking Family Picnic, Chautauqua Park

Wednesday, August 15
8:30 a.m. All VCSU Employee Welcome Back Meeting, Vangstad Auditorium
noon Kiwanis, Valley City Town & Country Club

Thursday, August 16
VCSU Presidential Search Executive Session IVN interviews
7 a.m. Optimists, Vicky’s Viking Room
8:30–10 a.m. All Faculty Training, 102 Rhoades Auditorium
noon Toastmasters, Student Center Norway Room

Friday, August 17
VCSU Presidential Search Executive Session IVN interviews
8–10 a.m. Student Registration, Student Center Skoal Room
11 a.m.–1:00 p.m. Hot dogs and lemonade for students and families
1:30 p.m. Staff Open Forum

Saturday, August 18

Sunday, August 19

Monday, August 20
Interim Higher Education Legislative Committee Meeting at VCSU, Student Center Skoal Room (August 20–21)
8–10 a.m. Student Registration, Vangstad 007
8:30–10 a.m. Faculty Senate Meeting, 102 Rhoades Auditorium
10–11 a.m. Faculty Association, 102 Rhoades Auditorium
noon–4 p.m. Defensive Driving, Froemke Auditorium, Foss Hall

Tuesday, August 21
First full day of VCSU fall semester classes
12:05 p.m. Rotary, VFW

Wednesday, August 22
noon Kiwanis, Valley City Town & Country Club

Thursday, August 23
7 a.m. Optimists, Vicky’s Viking Room
noon Toastmasters, Student Center Norway Room

Friday, August 24

Saturday, August 25

Sunday, August 26