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VCSU hosts first annual math competition

Apr 23, 2024

Valley City State University Department of Mathematics recently hosted the 1st Annual VCSU Math Competition for students in grades 7-12 on Wednesday, April 17.

Teams came from 41 school districts around the state including Mandan, Larimore, Kindred, Lisbon, Enderlin, Mandaree, Dunseith, Flasher, Oak Grove, Dickinson, Kidder County, Northern Cass, Shanley, and many more. With 330 students in the 7-9 grade division and 214 in the 10-12 division, a total of 544 students were on campus competing in Vangstad Auditorium and Graichen Gym. The winner of the 10-12 division was awarded a $1,000 VCSU Math scholarship.

“The turnout from the school districts across the state was impressive. Some of them traveled great distances to get here and we’re glad we were able to host them on our campus. We received many compliments from participating students and their teachers. Overall, it was a great day, and we can’t wait to do it again next year,” said Jamie Wirth, Ph.D., professor for mathematics and STEM and event organizer.

Grade 7-9 Division Individual Awards

1Zach SchanandoreMandan
2Jared ChristenMandan
3Veronica MattsonMandan
4Kenlie NelsonLarimore
5Siera NipstadKindred
6Kiera MausLisbon
7Jack OlsonLisbon
8Katelynn AamodtLarimore
9Charles DagmanEnderlin
10Jakob LindemannKindred

Grade 10-12 Division Individual Awards

1Westley RaeDickinson
2Afo SoetanDickinson
3Michael StorsvedMandan
4Xander RathKindred
5Ian WoodShanley
6Bennett GraffMandan
7Isaiah OsterKidder County
8Tyler IwenNorthern Cass
9Gabriel RicksDickinson
10Sunisha TangpongShanley

Grade 7-9 Division Team Awards

1Cooper KadlingOak Grove
Marcus Novotny Leino
James Chaffee
Rylan Vingelen
2Jared ChristenMandan
Sam Azad
Zach Schanandore
Lindy Oster
3Katelynn AamodtLarimore
Kenlie Nelson
Grace Sand
Meg Reinhold

Grade 10-12 Division Team Awards

1Michael StorsvedMandan
Leif Lahtinen
Bennett Graff
Marabell Seibel
2Westley RaeDickinson
Afo Soetan
Radheeka Weeraratne
Gabriel Ricks
3Misqa NakasatoShanley
Erika Wanner
Drew Schneider
Nick Anderson