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Katie Juarez

May 23, 2022

Katie Juarez, physical education student, reflects on her student teaching experience as she wraps up her time at VCSU.

Angels Camp, Calif.

Katie Juarez with cooperating teacher, Scott Roehrich
Katie Juarez with cooperating teacher, Scott Roehrich

What are some of the positive experiences that you had during your student teaching?
“A positive experience, that I had during my student teaching was working with my cooperating teachers. I had two teachers during my experience because I was at the elementary level (4-6) for 6 weeks and then was at the high school/middle school level (7-12) for 6 weeks. I learned a lot from both teachers and loved how I was able to bounce ideas off them and learn new games and activities from them as well.”

What are some of the challenges that you experienced during your student teaching?
“A challenge that I faced during my student teaching was classroom management. It was hard jumping in being a new face for their class and teaching. I learned that the best way to face this challenge is to get to know your students and build those relationships. Once they got to know me and I got to know them, managing the classes got a lot easier.”

What are some of the examples that your learning with KHP helped your student-teaching experience?
“Modifying activity for my students was something that my learning in KHP helped me to do. I learned about different ways to challenge my students, but also learned about ways to modify activities for them to be able to gain confidence in their skills as well.”

What is your advice to the younger KHP students who will be student-teaching near the future?
“My advice to future student teachers in physical education, enjoy every second of the experience because it goes by super fast. One minute you’ve finished week 1 of your experience and then next you’re done with your last day. So, make sure to fill those weeks with lots of learning. Not just for the students, but you too!”