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Nicole Hurt

Apr 5, 2022

Nicole Hurt working on artNicole Hurt, art education major, is enjoying the new senior studio space in the Center for the Arts as she prepares for her senior show in the fall.

Where is your hometown?

Hillsboro, N.D.

What attracted you to VCSU?

VCSU really attracted me with its beautiful campus and the welcoming feeling I got from this close-knit community the students and facility have created here. They also have amazing opportunities for scholarships that have really helped me throughout college financially.

Why did you choose your major and what do you enjoy most about the program?

Art has always been a big passion of mine from a young age and as I moved through high school. I want to share my skills and techniques to help other students realize their own unique talent and love for the arts. This program has great professors who know what they’re doing and are really willing to help us with whatever questions we might have or help us solve any problems that might come up.

What is your favorite medium and art style?

I believe I excel mainly in painting, but I really love exploring and discovering new materials to work with. My own personal art style is still developing as I continue throughout college, but I think one of my favorite styles is natural or anything to do with nature. I love finding the beauty in the world around us, taking a closer look at places that are often overlooked by most.

How is VCSU helping you reach your goals?

VCSU is helping me reach my goals by providing excellent resources of all kinds and great classes that help me learn a lot of techniques and different mediums in art. With this, I can excel as an artist and teach others what I have picked up over the years.

What are your career goals, or where do you see yourself in the future? What are your plans after VCSU?

I hope to be able to teach high school art classes, or even elementary, in a smaller school setting. This would help me to really connect with my students and be there in all aspects of their education. It would also be my dream to continue as a growing artist and continue to make art in my free time.

What do you enjoy most about VCSU?

I really enjoy the people here the most. Great people can always make a tough situation easier to get through, especially in college when there can be tons of stressful projects or assignments piling up. There are some really amazing and kind people here, so it is really easy to just be comfortable and feel welcome here.

What are some of your hobbies?

Art, of course, is one of my biggest hobbies but I really like doing absolutely anything outside. Whether it’s taking my dog on a walk, relaxing at the lake, fishing, hiking every trail I can find, I enjoy all of it. Sitting still isn’t something I’m used to doing; I want to have great experiences in life full of great memories with amazing people, so the best thing is to just get up and go.

What advice do you have for students thinking about attending VCSU?

One piece of advice I have for students thinking about attending VCSU or college in general is to choose your own path. A lot of people ask me what in the world I am going to do with an art major, and it did get to me because I didn’t know if I would have a successful future. Don’t let these things scare you or others put you down. Listen to what your heart wants to do and follow through because we are going to be working throughout the majority of our lives, so why not do something you love.