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Because of the growth of the Hispanic population in the United States and growing awareness of the importance of foreign language in the 'global village' there is a large demand for Spanish speakers in all professional areas. Schools all over the nation are looking for Spanish teachers as well as teachers in other subjects who speak Spanish. Spanish majors are required to spend a semester studying at one of our sister universities in Mexico.
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As a Spanish Education major you are placed into schools for a series of field experiences including Introduction to Education (40 hours); Practicum (80 hours); Culturally Diverse Practicum (25 hours involving 3 consecutive full days in a classroom), and a twelve-week student teaching field experience completed in a location that works well for the student and university. Student teaching is the culminating experience of the program and the opportunity for students to apply all they have learned regarding their classroom preparation and field experience opportunities.

There are opportunities for you to complete your student teaching experience at a variety of locations here as well as abroad. Valley City State University has two sister universities in Mexico, the Universidad Autonoma de Baja Sur in La Paz, BCS and the Universidad Regional del Sureste in Oaxaca, Oax. VCSU also has a relationship with the Institute cultural de Oaxaca if you would like a summer immersion experience. In the last five years there have been 35 student exchanges between VCSU and these two states. Eighteen VCSU students have studied in Mexico and 17 Mexican students have studied at VCSU. There have also been a number of faculty exchanges among the schools.
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You are typically admitted into Teacher Education during your sophomore year or beginning of your junior year of college. Criteria for Admission to Teacher Education can be found at the following website:
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