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There are many ways to get degrees in Nursing and VCSU has several options for you. VCSU does not award nursing degrees but you can start you career at here.

If you are interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, you can take the pre-nursing coursework on our campus as a VCSU student. In this route you can have the college experience with one-on-one attention for the general education pre-requisites. After which, you will transfer to a nursing program of your choice to finish the bachelor’s degree and take your exams to become a licensed Registered Nurse (RN).

Another convenient option here at VCSU is the collaboration with Dakota College at Bottineau through the Dakota Nursing Program. This program allows you to earn your Practical Nurse (PN) certificate or your Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) right here in Valley City. You will be able to participate in student life and activities on the VCSU campus. This route is an excellent path for people already trained as certified nursing assistant but with an interest in advancing their career in nursing. For more information, check out this brochure or

To better understand all of the options, please call us to help you choose the path that is right for you. You can contact our DCB Site Manager at VCSU, Betty Tykwinski or the Pre-Nursing Advisor, Hilde Van Gijssel. Their contact information is listed under “contact us”.

I chose VCSU and DCB for the same reason I chose nursing as a career.  I’m taking classes from both colleges on the VCSU campus.  Both programs have excellent resources, and have provided me with a wonderful education that make me feel confident I will do well in the future.  The transition from VCSU classes to DCB classes is very smooth.  What really makes these colleges and this career path right for me are the people.  The professors here want to see every student do well as an individual.  Professors are very responsive to emails, as well as any other staff you might need to get in touch with.  There is a lot of interaction in the classroom and online and that is what makes this campus and these programs so great. Joshua Rall, Class of 2017

Valley City State University was a great choice for me to complete my dream of becoming a nurse. Adjusting my school schedule to my life has been simple with the many options for class styles. I was able to complete my pre-requisite courses through VCSU and attend onsite nursing courses through Dakota College of Bottineau. The ability to complete my education in phases is going to be key in reaching my goals, as I am a wife and mother that has many family, work and community obligations. I look forward to completing my LPN over the next year, and continuing with my RN and possibly further over the years to come. Megan Karlowsky, class of 2017